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Mr. Bailey and Fullerton’s Success

Mr Bailey Education Video 2016

Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating. Larry Bailey is a disabled veteran who can testify to the impact of our CMSD wraparound strategy. Bailey said parents are more engaged and students are thriving, – and the numbers back up his observations!

The needs of our kids are diverse and the problems poverty presents within a family are vast. Both get in the way of academic performance. That’s why United Way has placed a dedicated person in 25 Cleveland Metropolitan School District Schools to wade through the complexities of being poor and get our kids and their families the help they need. United Way’s site coordinators are seeing kids whose behavior clearly indicates something is wrong… but to find out what it is, it takes some digging… and to solve the problem, it may require a number of interventions.

“Before United Way got involved, Fullerton was just unorganized,” Bailey said. “Even I did not get involved in much. But the Wraparound program did more than connect the school; it connected the neighborhood.”

Sharra Wemberly, the Wraparound Site Coordinator at Fullerton, said there are strong numbers to show Wraparound’s success.
“We’ve opened the doors for parents, given them a voice,” she said. “And we’ve see the fruits of that labor. We’ve gone from 84 percent attendance to 92 percent. We used to have one of the highest disciplinary suspension rates, at 22 percent. That has dropped to four percent.”

Wemberly said academic scores have approved across all areas of math and literacy for every grade level.

“I am very proud of what we do here,” Bailey said.”Continue to give and support. Your dollars are being well spent and the kids are benefiting to the fullest.”

In 2015, 99 percent of students in United Way of Greater Cleveland mentoring and leadership programs stayed in school.


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