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United Way Helps Prepare Kids for  School

Preschool TeacherWhat happens in preschool influences a child’s entire academic journey. That’s why United Way of Greater Cleveland is working to give our kids a good start in high-quality preschools as measured by the state’s Step Up to Quality one- to five-star rating system.

Quality happens when teachers have the resources to improve their skills — a very doable achievement thanks to United Way and Starting Point, the state’s local child care and early education referral and resource agency. In fact, Starting Point is so good at helping preschools step up to quality, they helped Holy Family Child Care Center in Parma go from a one-star to a four-star rating in just one year. And United Way plans to support Starting Point as it helps 50 more preschools across Cuyahoga County.

The winners are our kids because a quality preschool education will give them a much better chance for future literacy and high school graduation.

You can help prepare kids for school. Please give today.

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