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Free tax preparation

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You May Qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is the largest federal program benefiting low-to-moderate income workers. Last tax season, more than 27 million workers received over $66 billion in EITC refunds, lifting an estimated 6.5 million people out of poverty, half of whom were children.

This year, taxpayers with incomes below $53,500 may receive up to $6,269 in EITC dollars, depending on household size and other eligibility requirements.

In the Cleveland area, a coalition of nonprofit and community-based organizations (including United Way of Greater Cleveland) promotes and spreads awareness of the EITC through the following programs:

  • MyFreeTaxes
    Taxpayers who earned $64,000 or less in 2016 can file their own taxes online for FREE by visiting This safe, secure and free tax-filing website (powered by H&R Block) is very user-friendly and guides the taxpayer through the entire return-filing process, for both the federal and up to three state income tax returns. No prior tax knowledge is necessary, and the website can be accessed from home or anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Assistance by IRS-certified tax specialists is available via chat, email, and a toll-free helpline.

Visit or dial 2-1-1 to schedule a tax appointment or to learn more about either of these free tax preparation programs.

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