2013-2014 Funded Programs and Partner Agencies

*If you wish to designate to one or more of the funded agencies indicated with an asterisk, you may direct 50 percent of your $100 or more donation.
Agencies that are permitted to receive 100 percent of your donation are listed with no asterisk, or you may download the list here.

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   Company Name   Business Phone   Impact Area   Agency Name   Program Description   Website   2010 Grant 
2100 Lakeside Men's Shelter (216) 696-2715 Income Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry Services provided include needs/barriers assessment, linkages to needed resources and services, development of a housing and self sufficiency plan and linkage to an appropriate housing program. $65,346
Access to Care Transportation (888) 227-6446 Income American Cancer Society Cuyahoga County Unit Provides transportation assistance via Gas Cards to increase access to cancer treatment to improve outcomes. $7,215
Access to Justice Through Mediation Project (216) 621-1919 Income Cleveland Mediation Center Mediation and dispute resolution with a trained, mediation advocate in resolving civil issues such as landlord/tenant, neighborhood and family disputes. Mediators will also work with contracted attorneys to assist in negotiations and provide legal representation as needed. $48,110
Adelante Youth Program (216) 651-8236 Education Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center* Develops leadership among youth participants in the neighborhood that surrounds $34,914
Adolescent-Centered Family Violence Prevention (216) 651-8484 Health Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center Interactive, educational seminars presented in schools and other community based settings. $39,450
Adult Day Services Stipend Program (216) 361-6141 Health Eliza Bryant Village* Provides therapeutic activities, socialization programs, stimulation, meals, and transportation; in a secure setting while also serving as a respite to participants' families. $43,299
Adult Development (216) 432-1717 Health Goodrich Gannett Neighborhood Center Adult development activities for low, mid and high functioning elders. $24,055
Adult Guardianship Services (216) 696-2715 Health Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry Adult Guardianship services to elderly deemed mentally unable to make their own decisions due to dementia/ Alzheimer's disease/mental illness. $65,430
Adult Psychiatric Day Treatment (216) 283-4400 Health Murtis Taylor Human Services System Intensive treatment: group psychotherapy, counseling, medication education, and psycho education, community housing assistance, vocational support, etc. $38,488
Adult Wellness Program (216) 641-8948 Health University Settlement Wellness model focused on emotional, social, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and vocational fitness. Offers services designed to meet the needs of low-income, functionally and/or cognitively impaired adults through an individualized plan of care. $51,959
Assessment Programs for 0-3+ (216) 292-9700 Education Achievement Centers for Children Assesses function/development of children, age 0-3+, through an initial screening and subsequent more in-depth assessment/evaluation. Individual treatment plans are designed to assist the child to achieve the highest level of functioning. Targets children and their families both in the ‘At Risk’ and ‘In Crisis’ categories of need. $50,032
Assistance for Uninsured People with Diabetes (216) 591-0800 Health Diabetes Partnership of Cleveland Provides direct emergency and ongoing diabetes supplies (strips, lancets, meters) to uninsured or underinsured individuals with diabetes. $24,053
Assisted Autonomy for Older Adults with Disabilities (216) 696-2716 Health LEAP (Linking Employment Abilities & Potential) Offers educational programs to assist persons over the age of 60 in dealing with life transitions due to disabilities. Programs are multi-faceted and focus on gaining skills to enhance the ability to remain independent. $9,622
ATOD Prevention/Education: Teen Services (216) 932-3626 Education East Cleveland Neighborhood Center Youth education/prevention: youth diversion and alternative activities: After School and Summer Camp and In-school Prevention curriculum; $48,495
Behavioral Health Outpatient Counseling (216) 432-7200 Health Centers for Families and Children, The Mental health assessment; individual and group case management (CPST/community psychiatric supportive treatment); individual and group counseling; pharmacologic management; and primary care - five sites. $87,560
Bright Futures Early Learning of Visually Impaired Children (216) 791-8118 Education Cleveland Sight Center Provides early intervention developmental and educational resources for young children (0-5) and their families who are blind or visually impaired to enable clients to progress through normal child development stages. An on-site early intervention program and a preschool dedicated to special needs of toddlers are components of the program. $21,840
Care Coordination Program (216) 781-6228 Health Care Alliance Provides care coordination for the treatment of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and asthma. Also assistance with the maintenance of daily living requirements (housing and access to food) is a component of the program. Program targets individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness and residents of public housing. $61,097
Care Navigation Program (216) 383-2222 Health Hospice of the Western Reserve Inc Focuses on chronically ill hospice patients in with terminal diagnoses whose condition has temporarily stabilized and even slightly improved and who are discharged from hospice care or who choose to discontinue hospice or palliative care. Trains and deploys volunteers to monitor signs and symptoms that will reduce crises and reinstituting appropriate care/services as needed. $48,108
Career Beginnings (216) 622-0999 Education Urban League of Greater Cleveland Provides services to 9th and 10th graders to assist with academic success and graduation from high school, seeking and obtaining summer employment, post-secondary employment training and placement and supportive service to connect to college $94,296
Case Management for the Visually Impaired (216) 791-8118 Health Cleveland Sight Center Assists clients overcome the barriers that vision loss creates. Following a case assessment, services either from the agency or other community resources are engaged through an individualized plan to remove barriers and assist in re-integration. $43,586