Donor Societies

Donor Society members understand and respond to the needs of our community. By their actions, they embody the true meaning of philanthropy – “care for humankind.” Through their generosity and commitment, they improve lives and transform our community.

United Way of Greater Cleveland's donor societies invite you to join their ranks and be counted among those who are Living United and shaping the future of Greater Cleveland.  

Humanitarian Society members invest $1,000-$9,999 in United Way's annual campaign (view 10-year giving history).
  • Investor ($1,000 - $2,499): Helping to invest in a life that’s not your own
  • Advocate ($2,500 - $4,999): Helping to meet the needs of many others.
  • Champion ($5,000 - $7,499): Helping to support another’s life because you care.
  • Partner ($7,500 - $9,999): Helping to join together for change.
Philanthropist Society members invest $10,000-$99,999 in United Way’s annual campaign.
  • Guardian ($10,000-$14,999): Encouraging others to trust in the cause.
  • Steward ($15,000-$24,999): Serving others in pursuit of the cause.
  • Innovator ($25,000-$49,999): Exploring new ways to further the cause.
  • Luminary ($50,000-$99,999): Shining examples to shed light on the cause.

Visionary Society ($100,000+): Leading hearts – helping others to see hope.

Million Dollar Society ($1,000,000+): Capturing hearts – influencing others to give.

To learn more or to get involved, please contact Tanzie Adams at 216-436-2193 or