Your Role as an ECM

What does an Employee Campaign Manager do?

Goal: To enable your co-workers to help create a stronger community by planning, organizing and coordinating a successful United Way campaign within your workplace.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate and lead the United Way campaign in your organization and encourage giving
  2. Communicate the importance of giving to United Way at meetings and in newsletters, e-mails, your company’s intranet, etc.
  3. Provide information about how United Way helps in our community so that employees can make an informed decision about their gift.
  4. Invite everyone to give. Set an example by making a gift yourself.
  5. Distribute pledge forms or provide access to United eWay (United Way’s online pledging application) to make contributing as easy as possible.
  6. Answer questions and concerns from potential donors.
  7. Organize and participate in fundraising events.
  8. Collect pledges and reports results to United Way.
  9. Thank everyone for their participation.
  10. Evaluate and make recommendations for next year.

Give Now

United Way of Greater Cleveland mobilizes our community to give, volunteer and advocate to advance education, income and health. But we can’t do it without you. Whether you are a new donor or a loyal contributor, your support can help strengthen our community at this critical time.

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How I Live United

When we reach out a hand
to one, we influence the
condition of all. That's what
it means to LIVE UNITED.

We want to know how you
LIVE UNITED. How do you get involved? What organizations, causes and communities are close to your heart? How do you "Give. Advocate. Volunteer."?

Send us your story.

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Rock the Catwalk
A Spring Fashion Show and fundraiser will be held at The Cleveland Museum of Art Thursday, May 14, 2015. Hosted by the Women's Leadership Council. Details >>

Our Mission

We mobilize people, organizations and resources in a focused effort to advance education, income and health in our Greater Cleveland community.