Ten Steps for Success

  1. Recruit a winning campaign committee
    Don’t try to do everything yourself. Get together a team including people from all areas of your organization, from front line workers to management.

  2. Confirm CEO support
    Ask your CEO to:

    • Help determine campaign goals and objectives
    • Write a letter encouraging employees to join him/her in contributing
    • Support recruitment of campaign committee members
    • Attend employee meetings to make a personal statement of support
    • Appoint a Humanitarian Society Coordinator
    • Provide recognition to Campaign Committee members and write a thank you letter to all 
      employees who participated in the campaign
    • Determine the amount of your corporate contribution

  3. Review past performance and calculate goal
    Setting goals will help raise awareness and increase giving levels within your organization. The goals you establish should be challenging, realistic and measurable.

    Sample goals:
    • Increase participation by ______%
    • Increase average gift by ______%
    • Raise $______ through a special event
    • Have at least ______ donors step up to the Humanitarian Society level
    • Increase giving for a specific population (e.g., administrative staff, young professionals, union
      members, etc.) by _______%.

  4. Establish a campaign timetable
    • Download the Campaign Checklist to help plot your course
    • Notify Campaign Committee members and your CEO of dates for the United Way Kickoff,
      Days of Caring, fundraising events and closing event
    • Establish dates for the Humanitarian Society Campaign
    • Establish employee campaign group meeting date(s). Plan a short, intensive campaign no more
      than 5-10 days for companies with 100 or less employees
    • Schedule speakers from agencies for employee meetings using United Way’s Speakers Bureau
      (your United Way staff person will coordinate this for you)
    • Set the campaign end date and schedule a time to turn in your final report to
      United Way

  5. Take tours, use an agency speaker
    A great way to get employees interested in the United Way campaign is to invite an agency speaker to your kickoff event. Our Speakers Bureau includes employees, volunteers and clients from United Way partner agencies. Each one of them has witnessed or experienced the impact United Way’s funded programs have on our community.

    Agency tours also are available and allow your employees to tour United Way-funded programs to see firsthand how their money makes an impact in our community.

    Setting up a tour or speaker is easy. Just let your United Way staff member or Loaned Executive know the date you need and our Speakers Bureau staff will confirm all arrangements with you.

  6. Publicize the campaign
    Keep people interested and motivated in the campaign: send messages via e-mails, on your intranet, in employee publications and in special displays around the workplace.

    Also encourage employees to visit our website at

  7. Conduct employee campaign
    • One to two weeks prior to date of employee campaign, send the CEO letter
    • Secure incentives from local restaurants, theaters, etc.
    • Personalize pledge forms
    • Schedule and conduct a kickoff meeting with all employees. If your organization has multiple
      shifts, have a kickoff meeting for each shift.
    • Run a retiree campaign to engage your former colleagues and add to your total campaign
    • Encourage donors to give to Community-Wide Needs, United Way’s general fund
    • Show the campaign video
    • Distribute pledge forms at the meeting (if your organization uses United eWay, explain the
      process at the meeting)
    • Use guest speakers (LEs, agency representatives, employees who have used a United Way
      program, etc.)
    • Throughout the campaign, report progress on your intranet, via e-mail and goal posters
    • Conduct follow-up solicitation. Make sure every employee has been asked to contribute.
      The number one reason people say they don’t give is because they weren’t asked.

    Materials to Get from United Way
    Report envelopes
    Employee pledge forms
    Campaign video
    211 leaflets
    Thank you certificates

  8. Conduct a Humanitarian Society Campaign (donors of $1,000-$9,999)
    • Develop a list of prospects that you feel have the capacity to give $1,000 or more
    • Consider holding a meeting at a partner agency so this group can see firsthand how United Way
      dollars are at work in Greater Cleveland
    • Schedule an agency speaker for the Humanitarian Society Campaign
    • Send an invitation from your CEO one to two weeks in advance to current members and prospects
    • Develop a plan for one-on-one follow-up with both those who attended meeting and those who
      did not
    • Thank and recognize all Humanitarian Society donors

    Materials to Get from United Way
    • Personalized Humanitarian Society pledge forms for all current donors and prospects as well as
      brochures and other materials

  9. Report Results to United Way
    • Submit your final report and donor list to United Way within one week of the close of your
      campaign using the supplied Campaign Report Envelope
    • Carefully complete the information on the front of the envelope
    • Put all cash, checks, credit card, special events money and payroll deduction pledge forms in the
      Campaign Report Envelope
    • Return the Campaign Report Envelope to your United Way staff person or Loaned Executive
    • Partial reports are encouraged throughout the campaign
    • Pacesetter results are due Monday, October 1

    For help with reporting, contact United Way’s pledge processing department at (216) 436-2145.

  10. Wrap Up and Say Thanks
    • Report final results and thank employees through department meetings, company intranet or
      e-mail messages
    • Distribute CEO thank you letter to all employees
    • Recognize donors with a thank you certificate (available through United Way)
    • Thank Loyal Contributors for contributing to any United Way at any amount for 10 years or more
    • Hold a celebration event. You can’t say thank you too often!
    • Recognize and thank your Campaign Committee
    • Evaluate your campaign results and prepare recommendations for next year’s Employee
      Campaign Manager