2014 Campaign Videos

This year's United Way campaign videos are short inspiring stories to be shown at workplace kickoff meetings, displayed on your company’s intranet, or looped and displayed in your company's lunchroom so your colleagues can view at any time. This year we have created a series of videos focused on education, income and health.

Mr. Hayes


An Opportunity Maker: Meet Mr. Hayes

Work Hard. Get Smart.

This is the motto Mr. Hayes, principal at Franklin D. Roosevelt Academy (CMSD investment school), ingrains in his students from the start. His infectious smile will win you over as will his devotion to the students and his commitment to their success.
(1:41 minutes)


A Work in Progress: Meet Wilberto

Wilberto was destined for a life on the streets. But after a serious wake up call in the form of incarceration, he is now working on his skills and obtaining his GED with the help of the Advancement Academy, a United Way funded program of Towards Employment.
(1:21 minutes)

Youth 360

Youth 360: Teaching Youth to
Speak Up for Others

The Youth 360 Program of the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center brings the problem of sexual assault into the open and engages young people to become leaders, change agents and community activists. They are helping to create change … one person at a time.
(1:57 minutes)