ACES and self-harm

Trauma and difficult living conditions have mental health consequences for young people.

More than 1 in 5 Hispanic/Latino students and 1 in 7 Black students have made a plan for how to attempt suicide in the previous year. Black students were four times as likely as white students to have attempted suicide at least once in the previous year. Hispanic/Latino students were twice as likely to have seriously considered attempting suicide as white students.


There are statistically significant differences between white students and Black or Latino/Hispanic students. Due to privacy data suppression, data is not available for Hispanic/Latino students who attempted suicide. Although the data are not directly comparable year over year, looking at data from the 2013 survey gives reason for concern. It appears that the share of white students making a plan and attempting suicide decreased while the share of Black students making a plan or attempting suicide increased.

Ohio Department of Health, Youth Risk Behavior Survey, High School Data, 2019