Seniors struggle with outdoor maintenance of their homes

Many of Cleveland’s seniors struggle with outdoor maintenance of their homes, and too few have modified their home to be safer while aging in place.

While seniors have some access to programs that provide support for food and help with daily living, few programs exist to assist seniors both complete basic home repair (furnace, roof, etc.) or modify the home to support aging in place (chair lifts, grab bars in showers, ramps, etc.).

The inability to maintain a home that supports the senior, particularly those with physical disabilities, threatens their ability to age in place.

Seniors were surveyed about their ability to manage and modify their home to meet their needs as they age

I am able to maintain the outside of my home (lawn/snow removal, etc.)

I have made, or plan to make, modifications to my home as I age


Age-Friendly Cleveland Assessment, 2016. Survey of People over age 60 living in Cleveland.