Statistic: Creating Career Opportunities 2

More than half a million Greater Clevelanders lack the skills to obtain jobs that provide a
decent standard of living.

Source: The Literacy Cooperative

Statistic: Feeding People 1

In 2016, for every 100 poor families with children, only 22 received TANF cash

Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Care Alliance Health Center


Medication Assisted Treatment Program

This program expands on Care Alliance’s current Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program for people addicted to heroin or other opioids by providing case management to help patients meet their basic daily needs while the recover from addiction.

Beech Brook/Family Health Program


Trauma-Informed Counseling

Beech Brook’s trauma-informed counseling services help youth who have observed or survived a traumatic life event, if not a lifetime of adversity. Intervention is family-focused, meaning parental involvement is essential. The program incorporates evidence-based art therapy and trauma-informed yoga to help people heal. Project goals are to reduce symptoms associated with exposure to trauma and to increase the functioning and resiliency of youth.

Applewood Centers Inc.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health

This program utilizes licensed, Master’s-level social workers and counselors to deliver Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) treatment via the agency’s school-based counseling, outpatient services and in-home family therapy treatment programs, to children who have had difficulty accessing these services previously.

Asian Services In Action Inc.


Financial Capability Program

Helps low-income immigrants and refugees learn to navigate the US financial system, cultivate healthy financial habits, establish a positive credit history, and build assets. Program provides in-language financial education, one-on-one financial coaching and credit counseling; peer lending circles; and homebuyer’s education and assistance.

Applewood Centers Inc.


Violence Prevention

This program integrates evidence-based psychoeducational groups called Girls Circle and The Council of Boys and Young Men into schools with at-risk youth. These groups teach self esteem, skills for dealing with strong emotions and managing anger, and skills for helping teens build strong social support networks.

A Place 4 Me


Youth Homelessness Prevention Collaborative

A Place 4 Me is a county-wide public/private collaborative established to lead a coordinated effort to end homelessness for youth exiting the foster-care system, a population that experiences high rates of homelessness. The collaborative brings organizations together to provide holistic, coordinated programming for this special population.

Care Alliance Health Center


Patient Assistance Program

Care Alliance focuses its services on individuals experiencing homelessness, residents of public housing and other underserved populations. This program works with patients outside the exam room to help them navigate the health care system, access the prescriptions needed and improve client health

Achievement Centers For Children


Comprehensive Therapy Services

Using a holistic team, therapists develop a treatment plan with the input of the child’s physicians and family and provide comprehensive services to families, combines therapy, education, family support and recreation in a single service plan designed to meet the needs of each family.