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Basic Needs

Natasha, a young single mother, fought to survive the grasp of poverty and worked to make sure she could provide a home for herself and daughter.

She lost her apartment after an unexpected rent hike and an equally ill-timed vehicle breakdown. While Natasha attended Cleveland State University, extended family members cared for her young daughter, but couldn’t extend their resources to also help her. Natasha slept in homeless shelters, away from her daughter, for a year.

A United Way-funded organization, the YWCA of Greater Cleveland, stabilized Natasha’s life when she moved into permanent supportive housing at the Y’s Independence Place. There she re-established roots with access to case workers, therapists, a food pantry, child care and health care.

Natasha’s daughter joined her and they are taking life “one day at a time.” The young mother now pays it forward by mentoring those who face a similarly difficult life situation.

At the YWCA, Natasha feels supported.

“They just give you the whole family feeling like ‘Hey, you’re not by yourself, good morning, good to see you.’”

Please donate now to help United Way and the organizations it supports give Natasha and others like her a chance to regain stable housing and work to become independent and self-sufficient.


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