Author: Matt Finley

About Matt Finley

Matt Finley serves as Manager, Online Content and community Resources for United Way of Greater Cleveland. He oversees 4 full-time research analysts in the continued maintenance of a 2-1-1 database housing over 2,900 agencies and serving 9 counties, with a 10th scheduled to go live in summer 2014. He also supervises appointment scheduling for over 30 free tax preparation sites and manages the production of several population-specific printed directories. He only recently found out that a pony is not a baby horse… it’s, like, a type of horse.

Relief on the Coldest Day of His Life

When Joe* raised his hand during a meeting for Cuyahoga Community College’s Veterans Upward Bound program, the guest presenter and Tim Grealis, an Air Force veteran and lead specialist on United Way 2-1-1’s Help 2 Veterans line, assumed the gentleman had a question. But when called on, Joe simply gestured toward Tim and declared, “this man saved my life.” Continue reading “Relief on the Coldest Day of His Life”

Free tax filing services for Cleveland-area residents

Matt FinleyWe’ve all heard Ben Franklin’s adage: “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  You may not get to choose how you die, but once a year, you get to choose how you file your taxes. Why not make it as easy as possible? United Way 2-1-1 offers two ways to file your taxes — a friendly, in-person option, or  there’s also a fast, simple computer option. Continue reading “Free tax filing services for Cleveland-area residents”