Author: Nancy Mendez

You Are What You Ate

Nancy MendezBy Nancy Mendez, Director of Community Impact Operations, United Way of Greater Cleveland

Film critic Roger Ebert, in describing “Citizen Kane,” wrote, “Human happiness and pain are not found in big ideas but in the little victories or defeats of childhood.”

Many factors that keep adults in adverse situations (physical, mental, even financial) often stem from early childhood environmental conditions – victories and defeats beyond their control. Social service and philanthropic organizations concerned with breaking the cycle of poverty embrace that ideology, and in the area of food and nutrition, the scientific community is catching up.

New research published in Psychological Science shows “growing up poor promotes eating in the absence of hunger in adulthood, regardless of one’s wealth in adulthood,” according to psychological scientist Sarah Hill of Texas Christian University. “These findings are important because they suggest a person’s developmental history may play a key role in their relationship with food and weight management.” Continue reading “You Are What You Ate”