Author: Tamme Benepe-Nelson

About Tamme Benepe-Nelson

Tamme Nelson has been with United Way of Greater Cleveland for eight years as an Administrative Assistant for Resource Development. She has first-hand knowledge of seeing how vital the link is between having a healthy community and viable resources. Tamme believes that United Way is in the best position to develop the resources to build a thriving community where education, income and health would be accessible to everyone.

Winning the Hunger Games

In the popular movie, “The Hunger Games,” the main character lives in a dystopian society in the impoverished District 12, where food is such a precious commodity most people can only get it through the black market known as The Hob.

Happily, Cleveland doesn’t resemble District 12; but for some of Cleveland’s most vulnerable population, who have little or no income, hunger is a constant battle. And, with the rising cost of food it’s a constant uphill battle. Continue reading “Winning the Hunger Games”