J3 Menswear rocks fall-forward patterns, fashions on this year’s CATWALK

Editor’s note: Rock the CATWALK, United Way of Greater Cleveland’s Women Leadership Council’s annual fundraiser features fashions from several local boutiques. This six-part series serves to highlight each boutique’s unique style and preview some of the looks to hit the runway.

JB-DunnA more recent addition to the Rock the CATWALK lineup, J3 provides all the men’s clothing for the event. In business since 2010, they have given the guys of the CATWALK fashion-forward looks for the past three years.

J3 got involved with Rock the CATWALK at the request of some of their client’s wives. Already known for their philanthropy with sponsoring Flashes of Hope — a nonprofit that raises funds for childhood cancer research — and participating in Susan G. Komen’s Pink Tie Guys event, becoming involved with United Way’s Rock the CATWALK was the next step for the three J’s.

Started by JB Dunn, Joe Paster and Jack Madda, J3 looks to fill a gap in sustainable men’s fashion in Greater Cleveland.

“All of us have been in this business for many years,” said JB Dunn, co-owner of J3. “We decided to do our own [boutique] because we wanted to do something more representative of how we felt about things. Everything’s either local, green, reclaimed or all of the above. All of us are Clevelanders and it’s something we wanted to do for our home community.”

While men’s fashions change less quickly than women’s, J3 still strives to offer contemporary looks in a fun, social setting.

J3 Interior

“We bring in lines differentiated from what you can buy in a department store,” he said. “So we’re definitely a boutique, but more than that, we’re a kind of men’s club — not in any derogatory tone. We have guys who come in here on a Saturday afternoon and hang out. They’re here to be social. It’s just a very welcoming environment.”

This year, attendees can expect to see the guys of the runway in layers, cashmeres and autumn colors, Dunn said. J3 is hoping to offer their models new takes on casual and business attire.

“One thing we really love is getting to know the gentlemen who will be doing the modeling,” he said. “And they’re not professional models, usually they’re well-known business people and we like to push them a little out of their envelope. Maybe dress them up as a rock star. What’s really great about this benefit is they typically have their own constituents in the audience who love to urge them on and sometimes chide them.”

This year’s Rock the CATWALK is Thursday, November 3 at the Global Center for Health Innovation on St. Clair Avenue. Doors open at 6 p.m. and tickets are on sale now. For more information, contact Megan Shadrach.

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