Mind Fest Community Conversations gain momentum

By facilitating Community Conversations and learning the needs of residents in the Mt. Pleasant and Glenville neighborhoods, An’Tuan Williams has been able to link residents to grassroots entities in the same area.

AnTuan Williams

In the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood, residents voiced how they felt about the litter and trash in the area. They also voiced opinions on how to spruce up the area. A local grassroots entity called “Mazorkis Investments” owned by (Akeesha Abdulla)” chose to step up and create a beautification project called Mt. Pleasant R.N.C (Rebuilding Neighborhoods & Communities). From July 18 – 21 the project will consist of picking up trash, painting and decorating city-owned trash cans. It is important to note that “Mazorkis Investments” has collaborated on this project with “The Harvard Square,” another location for our Mind Fest Community Conversation.

After a Community Conversation at All the Kings Men Barbershop, located in the Glenville Neighborhood, Williams was approached by the owner, Joseph Green. He explained the needs of a family, two sisters who lost everything they owned in a house fire. Earlier in the week, Williams met Delesia Robinson, the founder of Pride Among Daughter and Sisters Inc. (P.A.D.S.). He linked Green and Robinson, and not only was the family in need helped directly, the partnership has built greater awareness of P.A.D.S. in the neighborhood.

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