A Snapshot of What We Do – United Way of Greater Cleveland

Together, We're GreaterFor 104 years, United Way of Greater Cleveland has served Cuyahoga County by funding health and human service programs that provide critical services to those in need. From food and shelter to education initiatives and employment training, United Way strives to support the essential needs of our community.

Raise and Allocate Funding

The central purpose of United Way is to raise and allocate funds for social services across Greater Cleveland and the region – helping more than 400,000 people in 2016 alone.

United Way raises money for its 128 funded programs through federated giving, workplace campaigns and individual donations. Running one of the oldest campaigns in the country, United Way of Greater Cleveland raised more than $40 million, from more than 70,000 individuals, during its 2016 campaign.

Once the funds have been raised, United Way allocates to essential programs across the county. Allocation decisions are made with the help of a group of diverse volunteers from the communities served. Every funded agency is vetted and held to best-practice standards to ensure ethical and proper distribution of funds. Funded programs fall into one of four United Way impact areas: Education, Financial Stability, Health and Basic Needs.

Community Events and Affinity Groups

Beyond raising funds for agencies that provide critical services and programs, United Way provides networking and volunteer service opportunities for those living and working in Greater Cleveland and the region.

Affinity groups like Young Leaders and the Women’s Leadership Council give professionals at the start of their careers and working women opportunities to network and socialize with community-conscious individuals. These opportunities allow the volunteers to be both intimately involved with United Way, while expanding their respective networks.


Cultivating community and corporate partnerships throughout Northeast Ohio, United Way of Greater Cleveland leverages its connections to make Cleveland greater, together.

United Way is also proud to have a number of strong Corporate partnerships throughout our community. Companies participating in the Stellar Campaign program — which requires committing to a five percent increase over the previous year’s gift — often run their campaigns early. Many corporations match the gifts of its employees, doubling the impact the organization has on Greater Cleveland.

Corporate partners often have Days of Action – volunteer events organized by United Way — offering employees a chance to give back to the community. Another example of a corporate partnership is United Way’s work with University Hospitals, which committed to completing 150,000 hours of community service by May 2017 for its 150th anniversary.

Together, We’re Greater!

Through the support of thousands of dedicated volunteers and donors, the community is strengthened and a greater sense of hope and success is instilled in its people. From providing much needed funds to partner agencies to participating as volunteers at Days of Action, everyone involved with United Way of Greater Cleveland, whether through time, talent or treasure, have most certainly made a significant impact.

They have made it possible to enhance our impact areas to help reduce poverty, help our children thrive, empower individuals and families and create a healthier, financially stable and more resilient community.

Nothing happens without you; and that’s why, together, we’re greater!

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