Successful entrepreneurs always find a way to help the less fortunate (part 2)

Kevin GoodmanBy guest blogger, Kevin J. Goodman, managing director, partner with BlueBridge Networks and a United Way of Greater Cleveland donor and volunteer.

A terrific way to gain credibility in the market place and gain traction in a region is to demonstrate dedicated and consistent giving and participation in a community over time. These efforts can be most impactful when missions of a company and the organizations it wishes to serve have alignment. It becomes even more impactful as employees’ life experiences and common causes sync with these missions. This formula becomes a recipe for success and enrichment all around. True reciprocity!

Companies can legitimately coattail and leverage credibility by delivering over time to a particular mission. Associations with these valued institutions enhance their brands. Employers can help to facilitate an increase in job satisfaction by deepening their employees’ held sense of efficacy beyond the “four walls” of the workplace environment.

As a business development professional, I have a focus and drive to be a change agent and thus grow revenue. I am hyper-focused on giving back to our community and world. The No. 1 reason for “giving back” should be because it is the right thing to do. Helping an individual or an organization by providing time, talent, and/or monetary contributions comes from the heart, first and foremost.

It is second nature to American businesspeople to help others. Lending support, whether it involves sitting on the board of a charitable organization, writing a check each month to a favorite cause or putting your sweat and muscle toward a worthy physical project, is the successful entrepreneur’s way of sharing his or her wealth with others. Such altruistic endeavors have helped to build hospitals, educate underprivileged children, and ensure that the less fortunate get the nourishment and medical attention they need and deserve.

Along with a feeling of accomplishment, these actions bring an unexpected benefit, one that is not often discussed for fear of sounding self-serving: Philanthropy reinforces business success. By extending time and talent outside the office, an entrepreneur reveals his or her personal and professional integrity, underscores his or her skills, and illustrates a commitment not just to an individual business but to the community and the greater good.

As the managing director of business development and partner of BlueBridge Networks, a Cleveland-based data-center business, I have consciously chosen to grow our standing in the community, with complete buy-in from the shareholders, by formulating a model of giving.

In a web- and data-centric world, data-center service providers today are no less trusted advisors than one’s own attorneys, clergy, doctors, and accountants. If you are down and out, you will be just that. We learned that the values of passion, stewardship, dedication, and efficacy resonate. The day-to-day repetition confirms and intensifies the ability to provide unparalleled service. We provide that world-class service day after day because the customer wants and deserves it, and we are just the company to provide it. This is demonstrated, proven, and forged not only by our operational excellence in our field but also by our active participation in our community and our world in many areas — education, innovation, and research to name a few. Take a risk and be #AllInCLE where it really matters… “Move the Needle” by helping to eradicate Poverty and improve the overall quality of life in our region.

Kevin Goodman is the managing director, partner with BlueBridge Networks, a downtown Cleveland-headquartered data-center business. He can be reached at (216) 367-7580,,, and

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