Thanks for Stuffing the Bus with more than 8000 books for local kids!

Thank you for helping kids read all summer long!
Nearly 40 companies and organizations collected books in the past few weeks. UPS picked up from more than 30 locations and delivered the books to Nationwide, whose employees volunteered to sort and box them. Additionally, Cleveland Indians fans got in the game when they brought books to stuff the donated RTA bus on June 21 — the national United Way Day of Action, at Progressive Field. And the Indians donated tickets to the game to volunteers.

With your help we were able to give 8,536 books to 23 participating Cleveland-area schools. Without your generous donation of books, dollars or time, this would not have been possible.

While the ratio of books to children in middle-income neighborhoods is 13 books to 1 child, the ratio in low-income neighborhoods is 1 book to 300 children. You should know that with your help we have ensured every child at the 23 schools received at least one book to take home and add to their personal library. This is a huge step in helping promote literacy and stopping summer reading loss in our community.

Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers, donors, participating organizations and our partners — the Cleveland Indians, RTA, UPS and Nationwide, and sponsors Hartland and WKYC for helping to Stuff the Bus with Books!

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