United Way of Greater Cleveland receives recognition on building efficiency for second year in a row

By Carissa Woytach, United Way of Greater Cleveland Staff Writer

Building Photo

United Way of Greater Cleveland received an award from Northeast Ohio Green Building Council and Cleveland 2030 District for its reduction in energy usage intensity (EUI) for 2015. This is the second year United Way of Greater Cleveland participated in the “Green Building Challenge,” which measures the building’s reduction in EUI versus the baseline for the type of building it is.

Northeast Ohio Building Council is a regional, member-based nonprofit that promotes energy efficient practices among building owners, architects, engineers and contractors. Cleveland 2030 District is a nonprofit that asks commercial buildings to commit to a 50 percent reduction in energy and water consumption and CO2 emissions.

United Way of Greater Cleveland received this award after scoring a 92 Energy Star efficiency rating based on utility consumption reported to the program. John Caputo, director, building operation, said this has been achieved through a progression during the past five years.

“Most of what we did, as far as lowering [EUI] was we made behavioral changes to how the building operates, so they don’t really cost much,” he said. “We shut down the HVAC units when the building is unoccupied, we use our energy more wisely.”

Building operations have worked on the systems of the building to make them more efficient. This includes upgrading the steam and chilled water system’s operation — how and when they turn on and off — and upgrading the building automation system.

“We’ve done this over the last five years,” he said. “Starting off with the building automation system and building off it.”

Plans for the next two years are to further change how the chilled water system operates and to install LED bulbs throughout more of the building, Caputo said.

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