United Way’s nontraditional pancake flip was terrific, awesome and impressive

Campaign Kickoff 2014We still flipped pancakes! But, this year our Campaign Kickoff and Pancake Flip was different. On August 28, United Way launched the campaign by flipping and serving pancake breakfasts to 8,500 scholars in 17 Cleveland schools. Hosting our kickoff at this capacity allowed us to engage double the number of volunteers! This year, 325 volunteers helped flip pancakes and serve breakfast to our kids. Take a look at event photos on Flickr.

United Way also did one other thing differently this year. We didn’t announce a monetary campaign goal. Instead of being measured by how much money is raised annually, United Way wants the measure of success to be our community’s health, the kids who graduate high school and the individuals and families who are financially stable, read more.

We’ve heard positive feedback about our nontraditional kickoff! Here’s what volunteers said:

It was a terrific experience at Franklin D. Roosevelt school. I was personally moved to a greater level of desire to make United Way’s mission a reality by spending time with children. – Kevin Goodman, BlueBridge

Team NEO was part of United Way’s kickoff at Marion-Sterling school. The children were very enthusiastic about our visit. Things such as “are you going to be here for lunch?” and “thank you for coming to our school” were warmly overheard by Team NEO employees. – Nina Holliday, Team Northeast Ohio

I was very impressed with the students and staff at Robert H. Jamison. The students were both energetic and polite. I applaud United Way for the event. A tremendous success! – Terry Gough, Cleveland Housing Network

Our scholars were grateful for the pancakes and had a blast. One even said, “I love these pancakes; they taste like IHOP.” Our teachers were happy United Way provided books for each of our scholars. One teacher was covering a specific subject and the books were timely for her assignment. The students got a chance to read the books the same day. United Way positively impacts our scholars!  – Olga L. Scott, Luis Munoz Marin

United Way Kickoff at Lincoln WestThe Pancake Flip was a great success at Lincoln-West. All day, I heard how students and teachers enjoyed this event. What was most profound is how students and teachers sat together, in harmony, to have breakfast. Not only was the food great, but most important the ability to sit students and teachers together and have conversation. Awesome experience! I hope we can do this over and over again. – Elizabeth Ramos-Torres, Lincoln-West

As the students came to breakfast at East Tech, many of them said good morning, shook hands and introduced themselves to myself and the other volunteers. I had a moment to talk with the site coordinator who said administration is working to improve the students’ pride. I have a feeling East Tech is proud of their investment school status and they want the students to reflect and feel the same way. – Taylor Holan, United Way

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