Tips & Techniques

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

An important part of running a successful United Way campaign is getting others involved. Build a strong campaign team to help you work on the campaign. Your team should mirror the diversity of your organization and include people from different levels, divisions and labor unions (if applicable). As Employee Campaign Manager, you’re the team leader and your objective is to make sure team members can answer questions, conduct solicitations and do the necessary legwork to help run the campaign. Get your team members involved by …

  • Getting their input in creating goals and strategies
  • Delegating and assigning specific responsibilities
  • Educating them about United Way and your workplace campaign
  • Making sure they understand and can explain why supporting United Way is a good thing
  • Ensuring they feel comfortable with their team responsibilities, including the all-important asking others to contribute

And remember that your United Way representative or Loaned Executive will be available as you kick off your campaign and along the way to ensure successful results.

Communicate frequently

From kickoff to closing, it’s important that you keep your employees informed about your campaign schedule, the efforts of United Way and its funded programs, and the goals and progress of your campaign.

Here’s a few tips and resources to help you along the way:

  • Stay current with the latest United Way news and events: be our fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check us out on YouTube, and bookmark
  • Download useful campaign materials posted here such as banner ads, flyers, United Way logos and letter templates and use these to help promote your campaign.
  • Use your organization’s intranet, internal newsletter, e-mail, voice-mail and staff meetings to promote your campaign.
  • Display print materials, goal thermometers and campaign posters in prominent locations. A bulletin board in your reception area could act as a daily campaign update tool for announcing United Way news and your campaign’s progress.
  • Show United Way’s campaign videos to build awareness. These are terrific communications tools that demonstrate United Way’s work in our community.
  • Use the United Way logo on your materials.
  • Book speakers to build awareness of United Way’s impact in the community.

Run a Humanitarian Society campaign

Conducting a United Way Humanitarian Society campaign – a campaign in which specific levels of donation are suggested based on employee compensation, position in the company and/or United Way giving history – is one of the best ways to increase success of your overall campaign. If possible, schedule the Leadership Giving campaign to run one to two weeks prior to the company-wide campaign kickoff – what your “leaders in giving” do as part of their campaign sets the tone for the rest of the employees, inspiring them and encouraging them to give.

Use United Way Resources

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your United Way campaign. We know a lot about running successful campaigns, and we’ve compiled a library of resources for you to use. Check out the Campaign Tools section of our website, where you’ll find links to information about the programs we fund, campaign planning tools, downloadable campaign materials, sample letters (to employees, to donors), graphics and multimedia (logos, banner ads), and more.

We also offer a Speakers Bureau through which we provide trained speakers who will come to your company and talk about their experiences, programs and results directly with your employees.

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