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Headshot of Enid Rosenberg

Philanthropist Society Spotlight: Enid Rosenberg

  “I like finding long-term solutions, rather than short-term results.” For Enid Rosenberg, philanthropy is a lifelong journey. It has been an ever-present extension of her caring about those around her. “I think when you care about people, you naturally find ways to involve yourself in the community. And when you involve yourself in the

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United Way Greater Cleveland
Donor Spotlight


When we asked United Way Services of Geauga County Board Chair, Karen Cronin, what she loves most about Geauga County, she did not skip a beat in her response. “The strong sense of pride and community as well as the beauty of very different parts of the county,” she said. And she isn’t wrong. Geauga

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United Way Greater Cleveland

Pivot – Volume 2, Issue 2

Pivot is a series from the desk of Augie Napoli, United Way of Greater Cleveland President and CEO
This issue talk to “American Recovery Act”

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