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Our Nonprofit Organization Is Leading the Way Against Poverty in Cleveland, OH

United Way of Greater Cleveland is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families and individuals in need. Our volunteers work hard to do research and make decisions that benefit the communities we serve.

Basic Needs

Through generous donations from our community members, we can provide basic needs such as food, shelter, medication, and transportation. Having these essentials available and accessible is an excellent way to start combating poverty.

Other Resources We Provide

United Way of Greater Cleveland provides resources in education, financial stability, and health for all ages. We want to make sure that the children we serve are ready for their education level whether it’s preschool, elementary school, or high school. We want to help employed individuals be able to manage their finances and be educated about savings best practices. Additionally, we want to assist those who are unemployed find meaningful work. Our community foundation also ensures that everyone we serve has access to adequate healthcare and nutrition and that they become educated on how to stay healthy.

United Way of Greater Cleveland
1331 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115

(216) 436-2100

Hours of Operation:

Saturday–Sunday: Closed

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