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Brittany Baker, a preschool teacher in the Murtis Taylor Human Services System, helps children “come into themselves” with social and emotional development that offsets trauma they experienced early in their lives.

With the financial backing from United Way of Greater Cleveland, teachers at Murtis Taylor take advantage of technical assistance and resources to help their students build self-esteem and balance their emotions while expressing themselves with words rather than actions.

Baker and her colleagues know it’s working when they receive reports from subsequent teachers that say: “‘You guys did awesome.’ No more meltdowns, no more kicking and screaming when mom drops off, just really, really strong in the social-emotional area.”

High-quality preschools and early intervention programs help students overcome neglect or trauma. They can influence a child’s entire academic journey and impact the community on a daily basis by going beyond the ABCs and focusing on behavior that could stunt their emotional growth.

Baker feels that United Way’s help is making a difference. “I’ve seen a lot of things surprise me here,” she said, referring to students’ progress.

Please donate now to help United Way and the organizations it supports give teachers the tools they need to support students early in life.


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