Why is United Way of Greater Cleveland changing?

Poverty rates in Cleveland have continued to surge, creating a crisis in our community which demands our immediate attention and action. According to data from the Center for Community Solutions (CCS): Cleveland’s childhood poverty rate is now the highest in the nation at 51%, Cleveland’s poverty rate for working adults is the second worst in the nation at 30% and our poverty rate for seniors is the third highest in the nation at 22%.

United Way of Greater Cleveland is changing because we must tackle the growing poverty crisis in our community head on through programs that will have the greatest impact for people in need.

As a community, the work we have done together is good, but it is no longer enough to stem the rising tide of poverty in Cleveland. We must do better. The people who live in the deepest poverty in our city are counting on our community to work together to provide the tools and long-term solutions necessary to tackle this poverty crisis head on.

To accomplish this goal, we are changing the way the Community Hub for Basic Needs funds community agencies to be more effective than ever before.

We are no longer a pass-through funder for hundreds of organizations. Instead, we will fund a select group of partners with the capabilities and missions to meet specific goals, determined by United Way of Greater Cleveland.