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Effective change requires everyone’s help to increase awareness.

Breaking the cycles of poverty, dropouts and poor health in Greater Cleveland depends on engaging the entire community. Our goal is to bring together all our partners: business, labor, nonprofits, and advocates – to help find common ground to advance the common good. We must work together to ensure that our priorities are heard, that our community is represented, that good ideas are funded and that failing policies are questioned.

United Way of Greater Cleveland Public Policy Agenda

View the complete public policy agenda (PDF) >>

To be a strong leader and reliable coalition partner, United Way of Greater Cleveland prioritizes its public policy issues into three categories:

Tier One: Lead Priorities
United Way of Greater Cleveland will take a leadership role and dedicate significant time and energy to these issues. We will proactively advocate and create visibility for these issues. We will convene stakeholders, lobby, support research, draft and/or support policies, provide public testimonies and mobilize grassroots advocacy.

  • Academic Success for Kids
  • Childhood Trauma Intervention and Prevention
  • Continued Expansion of United Way 2-1-1

Tier 2: Partner Policies
United Way of Greater Cleveland will support the work of coalition and community partners who are thought leaders on these issues. We will advocate, support visibility and generate grassroots engagement.

  • Financial Empowerment
  • Basic Needs: Food Security and Affordable Housing
  • Healthy Families

Tier 3: Watch Priorities
United Way of Greater Cleveland will monitor these issues and respond to opportunities to advance or protect the common good, such as signing joint letters, communicating with local officials and our advocacy network.

  • Philanthropy and Volunteerism
  • Federal Programs
  • Strong Neighborhoods

Get Involved

LIVE UNITED by becoming an advocate for education, income and health issues that matter to you. Help bring about positive change. Get informed, find your voice, spread the word.

Top 5 simple things you can do to help.

  1. Be informed about local issues and pressing needs in our community.
  2. Use social media to create awareness with your family, friends and networks about a cause you care about and encourage their involvement. Share. Tweet. Post. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep informed of current causes in our community.
  3. Learn more about United Way’s public policy advocacy.
  4. Contact your elected officials about an education, income or health issue.
  5. Register to vote in the county where you reside.

Join us and help set the stage for real and lasting change to improve people’s lives and strengthen the Greater Cleveland community.

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