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Community Conversations in Greater Cleveland


An integral element of United Way’s work is an emphasized effort to gather feedback, data and direction from the communities we serve. Whether defined by demographics or geography, our communities — from a county scale to the smallest family unit – inform our priorities and guide our deliberate and measured stewardship of funds.

One of the most visible and accessible ways we gather feedback is through our Community Conversations. Scheduled throughout our service areas on a consistent basis, these conversations allow all of our neighbors to speak to us directly about their community’s short-term needs, long-term plans and the role United Way plays in both.

Community Conversations create awareness of communal issues and solutions, link people with those who have similar struggles and aspirations, and help the community identify attainable and relevant action goals.

These sessions are a two-way street of listening and mobilizing volunteers and political figures, with subsequent advocating on local and federal government levels.

United Way believes everyone deserves access to the system, and no voice should be excluded from investing in the Community Conversation.
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Community Conversations

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