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The Importance of Giving Back: Rockwell


Passion through service

Rockwell Automation employees are passionate about actively participating in activities that support education and STEM, human services, arts and culture and civic and disaster relief. Our employees understand how important it is to give back to the community and they lead by example by donating their time, getting their co-workers, friends and family members involved and advocating for those in need.

Why they give back

Kelly Ericsson

“I volunteer to give back. The organizations we are affiliated with do wonderful things, and I like being a part of that. When we collaborate, positive things happen!”

Lisa Martel

“I love knowing that many wonderful organizations exist in the Greater Cleveland Area whose sole purpose is to help others. These organizations were created by kind and compassionate people wanting to look out for one another. Although I was not involved in the creation of these organizations, I am happy that I am able to contribute in some way by taking time to volunteer in the Days of Caring activities to show my support. Volunteering is a win-win for everyone. The volunteers feel good because they are helping others, and the people they are helping feel good because they can see that others care about them.
I volunteered at the Cleveland Sight Center. In addition to helping clean toys for the day care program and cut materials for art projects, I learned about various services provided by the Cleveland Sight Center, had a tour of the facility, met many wonderful people who use the facility and are employed by the facility, and were introduced to many other Rockwell Automation volunteers.”

Angela Rapko

“Volunteering is a great way to not only help support a great cause but also meet members of your community and coworkers that you may not know otherwise. I’ve made great friends through volunteering and met some truly amazing kids as well! ”

Divya Venkataraman

“Volunteering in United Way Days of Caring enables me to have a meaningful connection to the community. It’s important for me to find a way to give back, and giving freely of my time at Days of Caring where I can help improve the quality of life of people is the best avenue I have found.”

Richard Gurin

”My community gave so much to me growing up. By volunteering with the United Way, I have the opportunity to touch others’ lives in a similar manner.”

Julianne Sebek

“People think of volunteering as giving assistance to those in need. But it turns out the volunteer is the recipient. Gratitude is a beautiful gift.”

Jennifer Scudellari

“I am so grateful to work for a company that promotes giving back as much as my parents did when raising me. Our culture here at Rockwell Automation enables us to participate in several volunteer opportunities throughout the year, and I always sign up for as many as I can. In addition to helping around the community, I have been able to build new friendships and strengthen current relationships with my coworkers here at Rockwell. Days of Caring has really opened a lot of doors for me career-wise, but nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction when you see all smiles after a job well done. I am looking forward to volunteering in 2016!”

Percy Lipsey

“Giving back to our community is important, and United Way provides an opportunity for us to complete good deeds. Rockwell Automation’s participation in the United Way projects allows me to give back and feel good in knowing that my employer believes the community is important too.”

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