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Dominic, a 7-year-old from Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood, always wanted to feel liked and admired by others.

In a search to help their son, his parents came across the Adelante Youth Development program part of the Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center, and signed him up for the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy.

His mild autism, however, held him back until the program, funded in part by United Way of Greater Cleveland, changed Dominic’s perception of himself and his ability to succeed.

As Dominic progressed through the martial arts class, his parents witnessed the personal transformation taking place. “The program is a blessing,” they said. “They treat Dominic with great respect and support.” Dominic explains: “I love martial arts and this will help me be the superhero I always wanted to be!”

Please donate now to help United Way and the organizations it supports give Dominic and others like him a chance to feel like a superhero.


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