Loaned Executives

Developing Expertise and Raising Visibility

Be recognized as a leader in improving our community

United Way of Greater Cleveland’s Fundraising Associate and Loaned Executive Program is one of our organization’s long-held traditions, aiding every year in the success of our annual campaign and fostering career development for participants.

Our Fundraising Associates serve as ambassadors for United Way of Greater Cleveland during the time of year many of our companies run their annual campaign. They support company employee campaign managers, deliver presentations, and cultivate relationships to raise critical dollars for the organization. The client service they provide and funds they raise, are vital to our organization so we can continue to deliver basic needs to our community, especially now as the need is even more significant due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, our Fundraising Associates support staff and department projects which are key to the overall outcomes and success of our Resource Development Department. This year our Fundraising Associates have honored tradition and added high value to our work. Joining us for our 2021/22 Fundraising Associate class are: Carol Martincic, MNO, Junior Grant Writer; Gretchen Norton, Electronic Campaigns; and Francis McGarry, Workplace Campaign.

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