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The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the only authorized solicitation of Federal Employees in the workplace on behalf of approved charitable organizations. The North Coast Combined Federal Campaign is in 41 counties and two states (37 in Ohio and 4 in Western Pennsylvania). The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regulates the CFC and provides guidance and oversight to the local campaigns conducted by the Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) and the Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC).

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55-Years Continuing a Legacy of Giving

The mission of the CFC is to support and to promote philanthropy through a voluntary program that is employee-focused, cost-efficient and effective in providing all Federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.

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CFC 2016 Contributors Guide

Pacesetter Campaign

The Pacesetter Campaign portion of the North Coast Combined Federal Campaign (NCCFC) took place from September 21, 2016, through October 21, 2016

The North Coast Pacesetters consist of two types: Institutional and Individual. Institutional Pacesetters are those Federal agencies and departments that attempt to boost the campaign by setting the initial pace as a group with early contributions. Individual Pacesetters are Federal employees, in any department, who choose to make their pledges and donations during the established Pacesetter period. Each person who gave during the Pacesetter period received a Pacesetter pin. Pacesetter donors also had the option to choose whether they wanted to have their names listed in the 2017 Contributor’s Guide.

Individuals who submit a pledge card (no specific dollar amount required) to the CFC during the 2016 Pacesetter Campaign, are automatically entered into a drawing for one of the various prizes donated by businesses, civic organizations, and other public entities across the forty counties that make up the North Coast Combined Federal Campaign (NCCFC).

Pacesetter Winners

Man’s Watch
Winner: Daniel Kozminsk – FAA NE & Oberlin
Lolly the Trolley City Tour and $10 Mitchell’s Card
Winner: Susan Johnson – NASA
(3)$5 Olive Garden Certificates
Winner: Ashlee B Waikem – US Dept of Health & Human Service Office of Investigation
Electric Himalaya Lamp
Winner: Adam E Heubner – USPS – Mail Processing-Toledo
$10 Mitchell’s Ice Cream Gift Card
Winners: Barbara Nelson -IRS – District Office
$50 Honey Bake Ham
Winners: Erin R Barker-Brown – Office of Civil Rights
Pro Football Hall of Fame Pass
Winners: Kevin D Stack – VAMC
$10 Mitchells Ice Cream
Winners: Kelly A Freeman – National Labor Relations Board
$20 Ralphie’s Sport Bar
Winners: Shawn Daniels – Department of Agriculture – FGIS
Pier W Brunch for 4
Winners: Charlotte M Cook – IRS – District Office
JR’s Last Laugh Comedy Club
Winners: Andrew P Laughlin – US Naval Marine
$20 Topps Gift Card
Winners: Chris Bierbower – McKean Federal Correctional Institution
(3)$5 Olive Garden Gift Card
Winners: Denise O’Brien – Wage & Hour
$10 Gift Card (4) BBQ Sauces
Winners: Jill C Maravola – HHS office of Medicare Hearing
Bean Bag Game (Corn Hole)
Winners: Brian E Maier – VARO
b.a. Sweetie $20 Gift Card
Winners: Jennifer L Dimick – VAMC
Hill Crest Orchard $15 Gift Certificate, Swiss Village $10 Gift Card, Overnight Stay Zinck’s Inn
Winners: Paula Pavelka – Office of Labor Management
Trader Joe’s Gift Bag
Winners: Julie Sanders – SSA
Mr. Coffee Pot
Winners: Elmegco Mallory – EEOC
Electric Wine Opener
Winners: Adam R Whitaker – Red Horse OH Air Nat’l Guard
$5 Starbucks’s Card
Winners: Anita McCuen – Elkton Federal Correctional Institution
$25 Men’s Warehouse
Winners: George J Bowen – US Coast Guard 9th
$20 See’s Candies
Winners: Donald Harris – USPS – Orange Ave Plant
$20 Bed, Bath and Beyond
Winners: Valarie Johnson – USPS – E55th Station

End of Campaign Winners

Columbus Blue Jacket Package
Winner: Christopher R. Elder – VAMC
Cavalier’s Blanket
Winner: Doug Underwood – USPS
Winner: Tracy Mathews – IRS
Soundboard Portable Speaker
Winner: Martin J. Finlin – VARO
Frisch’s Big Boy ($20)
Winner: Maria Martin – DFAS
60 Minute Massage Package
Winner: Mark Woodling – NASA
Two passes to Botanical Gardens
Winner: Steven Holderness – FAA
Two passes to Botanical Gardens
Winner: Rowenda Dellistani – U.S. Attorney
Four passes to the Cleveland Zoo
Winner: Susan Gullett – United States Navy Operations
Cleveland Orchestra Gift Vouchers
Winner: Kenneth Paterson – USPS, Akron
Gift Card to Dave & Busters ($14)
Winner: Joseph Rose – SSA Disability Adjudication Review
Honey Bake Ham Gift Certificate ($50)
Winner: Adam R. Whitaker – Ohio Air National Guard, Red Horse
Pot Belly Lunch for 4
Winner: Bryan S. Hammond – U.S. Army
Refectory Restaurant Gift Card ($50)
Winner: Peter Price – SSA Youngstown
One Night Stay – Springhill Suites
Winner: Niaunda Curtis – Railroad Retirement Bd
One Night Stay at Berlin Brande with dinner at Der Dutchman for two
Winner: Katharina Bellairs – EPA
Two passes to Cleveland History Center or Hale Farms
Winner: Lucy W. Miller – HUD
Two passes to Cleveland History Center or Hale Farms
Winner: Benjamin T. Arrington – James A. Garfield
Two passes to Erie Zoo
Winner: Christopher Truffa – Army Recruiting Battalion
Two passes to Erie Zoo
Winner: Scott Colson – McKean Federal Institution

Contact Us

How to contact the North Coast Combined Federal Campaign

Carol A. McClain
North Coast CFC
c/o United Way of Greater Cleveland
1331 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115-1854
Phone: 216-436-2204
Fax: 216-436-2253
OPM CFC Website
Office of CFC Operations
1900 “E” Street NW
Room 5450
Washington, DC 20415
Phone: 202-606-2564
Fax: 202-606-5056

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