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Young Leaders Spotlight:
C.J. Musser

C.J. Musser
Advertising Associate
Cleveland Clinic

C.J.’s Favorites:
Lunch Spot:
 Dave’s Cosmic Subs
Local Restaurant: Johnny’s Little Bar
Radio Station: Depends on my mood, but usually 99.5 WGAR
TV Show: Modern Family
Sports Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Hangout: Whiskey Island

About C.J.
I received a B.S. from James Madison University in 2008 and worked at The Cleveland Cavaliers for three years prior to my current role of Advertising Associate at Cleveland Clinic. I strongly believe in the importance of giving back. I serve on the Board of Trustees for Suicide Prevention Education Alliance (SPEA) and created the first Youth Advisory Board which consists of seventeen active high school students that act as consultants for the organization.  I am excited to join United Way to continue to give back to the Cleveland community. I enjoy being outside, staying active and spending time with my friends, family and my pug, Layla.

Why did you join Young Leaders?
I joined Young Leaders to connect with other young philanthropic professionals to give back and strengthen our community.

What is your favorite Young Leaders event and why?
I am new and haven’t experienced too many yet, but I really like the concept of Days of Caring and Days of Action as I feel passionate about helping out the local not-for-profit organizations.

What do members hope to get out of their involvement with Young Leaders?
What I am hoping to get out of my involvement with the Young Leaders of United Way is to make an impact and give back to the Cleveland community.

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