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Young Leaders Spotlight: Amy Hansen

Amy Hansen
Amy Hansen
Digital Projects Producer

Amy’s Favorites:

Favorite Lunch Spot: Barristers

Favorite Local Restaurant: Barrio

Favorite Radio Station: WCPN

Favorite TV Show: Meet the Press

Favorite Sports Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite Hangout: Ohio City

About Amy:
I’m a 27-year-old journalist who has spent nearly three years telling the many stories of Clevelanders!


Why did you join Young Leaders?
The United Way is known nationally for doing such great work. The Young Leaders board is full of community-minded, civically engaged people committed to actually diving into helping our community. I’m glad to be a part of that initiative.


Why did you get involved with Young Leaders and United Way?
I spent two years as an education reporter and spent lots of time reporting on the state’s graduation rate, so the group’s effort to work to close the achievement gap is important to me. It’s also a great way to network with other young professionals committed to making Cleveland an even better place!


In your opinion, what makes Cleveland a good city for young professionals?
There’s a real renaissance going on in Cleveland right now, and I think you can really feel the energy. Both volunteer and professional opportunities are easily accessible for young professionals looking for them here. Plus, you can’t beat the relatively low cost of living and many great options to have fun!

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