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Financial Stability Impact Partners in Greater Cleveland

We are investing $1,949,925 in financial stability programs to help families and individuals find their way out of poverty and achieve financial stability by securing meaningful work to increase their earnings, manage the money they earn and ultimately save it.

Priority: Adult Education & GED Attainment

Cuyahoga County Public Library $68,335
Aspire Greater Cleveland
Provides adult basic literacy education and High School Equivalency preparation and testing to individuals in Cuyahoga County. The program targets individuals ages 16 and up who are out of school and have very low literacy (below 3rd grade), and those incarcerated without a high school diploma.

May Dugan Center $37,106
Education Resource Center: Adult Literacy
Program provides comprehensive and replicable literacy training in a calm, trauma-informed learning environment that meets the larger learning goals of students as community members by providing additional services while supporting positive problem-solving, resiliency and accurate self-perception.

Merrick House $52,225
Adult Learning and Workforce Development Program
Program supports adult learners of all levels and backgrounds and helps them earn the academic and workforce credentials they need while supporting them in their efforts to advance their education, attain productive careers, achieve self-sufficiency, and develop a lifelong love of learning and civic participation.

Seeds of Literacy $69,176
Seeds of Literacy
Provides a unique, volunteer based program that assists low-level readers to increase their literacy levels and ultimately, pass a high-school equivalency exam and connect to employment opportunities.

Priority: Financial Capability

Asian Services In Action Inc. $39,466
Financial Capability Program
Helps low-income immigrants and refugees learn to navigate the US financial system, cultivate healthy financial habits, establish a positive credit history, and build assets. Program provides in-language financial education, one-on-one financial coaching and credit counseling; peer lending circles; and homebuyer’s education and assistance.

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging $76,626
Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People
Provides financial education workshops, financial coaching/counseling, foreclosure prevention counseling and other financial services intended to increase the financial stability of the growing senior population (aged 55+) enabling them to age in place with a more secure financial future.

CHN Housing Partners $100,862
Financial Empowerment through Long-term Engagement
The Family Success program helps families improve financial outcomes including decreasing derogatory debt, improving credit scores, accessing mainstream financial products and services with the ultimate goal of helping families achieve affordable, sustainable home ownership and a lasting asset for themselves and future generations.

Enterprise Community Partners $106,399
Cuyahoga EITC Coalition
Ensures that low- and moderate-income workers have access to tax preparation free of charge, without risk of being subject to predatory lending practices. It specifically focuses on reaching families and individuals eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit. Building upon the value that these types of credits can mean to an individual or family, the Coalition is equally committed making one-on-one financial counseling and other asset-building programs readily available.

Legal Aid Society of Cleveland $117,051
Financial Stability through Legal Aid
Provides legal assistance to low-income clients in legal matters that impact financial security. From accessing the safety net, to removing barriers to employment, to employment and tax-related issues, to supporting consumers as they build their household assets — Legal Aid will protect clients along a continuum as they improve their financial stability and increase assets.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland $86,861
Homeownership Center
Help families in the Greater Cleveland area who wish to acquire the knowledge, skills, tools and mindset to become financially stable and prepare them to sustainably purchase, maintain and preserve home ownership.

University Settlement $31,566
Financial Stability Program
Assists older adults in Broadway Slavic Village to address the financial barriers they face in order to meet their day-to-day needs and establish a matched saving plan for asset acquisition that can support their journey towards financial stability.

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants $40,809
Refugee Financial Literacy Program
Provides culturally and linguistically appropriate financial literacy support to refugees and immigrants.  Clients will gain the foundational knowledge and skills needed to become financially literate, establish positive banking relationships and build long term savings skills.

YWCA Greater Cleveland $70,668
A Place 4 Me, Financial Literacy
Opportunity Passport is a financial literacy program that provides young people who have been in the foster care system with financial literacy training, a seeded bank account and the ability to match their savings to purchase assets. Young people work with trusted adults in our community to build savings and match their savings for pre-approved purchases such as cars, books for school and initial housing-related costs to help achieve their goals.

Priority: Workforce Preparation

Centers for Families and Children $106,274
El Barrio – Access to Employment
Offers job training in customer service, hospitality, construction, transportation, and pharmacy that lead to industry-recognized certification programs and propel clients to higher wage jobs and long-term career paths.

Front Steps Housing and Services $43,387
Workforce Readiness
Workforce Readiness program that is designed to address the multifaceted economic disadvantages among the homeless disabled person as well as economically disadvantaged individuals in the community, with significant barriers to employment. The program is an evidence-based approach to supported employment for people who have a severe mental illness.

Harvard Community Services Center $52,098
Workforce Preparation – HHO Job-Link
Program serves young adults with high barriers and low incomes to provide entry level employment opportunities offering a combination of training and education services for job readiness, placement, career growth and advancement.

Linking Employment Abilities & Potential $70,657
Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities
A flexible blend of strategies, services, and supports designed to increase employment options for job seekers with complex needs. The program assists individuals to identify their skills, strengths, goals and any supports that are needed to address their barriers and helps to connect that individual to employment opportunities.

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry $100,977
Workforce Development
Works with individuals who are homeless, previously or currently incarcerated and teens at-risk (aging out of foster care, out of school, pregnant) to assist them in finding employment by offering a wide variety of services including assessment, case management, job readiness workshops, hard skill training with certifications, job placement, tracking and retention services.

May Dugan Center $20,417
Workforce Development and Preparation through the ERC
Trauma-informed workforce development support and retention program that serves vulnerable job seekers. Program helps find employment opportunities in supportive environments conducive to continuing recovery, building autonomy and retaining employment.

NewBridge Cleveland $71,682
NewBridge Adult Program
Provides workforce training programs that are focused on helping vulnerable, underserved and difficult to employ populations, including Opportunity Youth and students who are re-entering society after prison. Provides students with the necessary training, practical experience and support to be placed into full-time employment at good starting wages, with full benefits and opportunities for career advancement.

Passages Inc. $58,173
Building Futures – Jobs for Dads and Moms
Provides programming to strengthen families and foster parental stability. Through workforce development efforts and job placement assistance; parenting/life skills training; coaching/relationship building efforts; as well as appropriate support services, Passages offers families the best opportunity to develop and maintain meaningful relationships that improve the future of both parent and child.

Spanish American Committee $53,130
Families First Program
Program takes a comprehensive approach to adult education, job training, placement, and retention by fully supporting individuals struggling with chronic under- or unemployment, lack of education, or issues surrounding the English language as barrier to employment. As a part of this unique family-strengthening program, clients have access to a wide range of vital wraparound services designed to foster a pathway to self-sufficiency and support them on their journey to sustainable employment.

Towards Employment $122,712
Career Pathways: Connecting People to Careers
Program addresses complex issues and barriers that keep people from retaining employment and advancing in their career. Using a holistic approach, Towards Employment looks at each person and their individual situation and challenges to move them along specific steps on their career pathway.

United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Cleveland $80,587
OakLeaf Partners Employment Program
Enhances the independence, productivity and inclusion of people with disabilities experiencing significant barriers to employment. Programs provide career exploration, skill development, job readiness and job placement activities that are highly individualized to ensure long-term employment success with a focus on placing individuals in the least restrictive work environment possible.

United Labor Agency $36,421
Workforce Services
Program targets dislocated workers, disadvantaged adult workers, and youth participants and assists them in finding employment. Program staff assess the jobseekers’ current skills, determine if vocational training is necessary and suitable, and match them with current job openings.

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants $40,809
Refugee Career Pathways
Provides refugees and other new Americans the means to secure professional or skilled employment. Through the provision of culturally and linguistically inclusive services, Refugee Career Pathways will work to equip clients from a range of employment background with the knowledge and tools to succeed in their chosen career paths, thus paving the way for long-term financial stability.

Vocational Guidance Services $100,711
Vocational Rehabilitation Training, Placement & Retention Services
Program designed to help Cuyahoga County residents challenged by disabilities reduce their employment obstacles, gain competencies they need to achieve their employment goals and gain greater self-sufficiency through working. Clients participate in one or more of the program’s vocational preparation services and the program’s specialized placement services.

Youth Opportunities Unlimited $91,389
Program addresses the workforce preparation needs of Opportunity Youth, young adults 18-24 who are not in school or working, by providing the resources necessary to begin a career in an in-demand industry sector of their choice. These resources include individualized case management, soft skill training, career pathway credential training, paid work experiences, job placement and a minimum of one year of follow-up services one placed.

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