Health Impact Partners in Greater Cleveland

We are investing $2,173,854 in health programs to help families and individuals maintain their health by increasing knowledge and access to nutritious food and health care; preventing trauma and addressing the impact violence has on victims; and helping people with disabilities live fulfilling, independent lives.

Priority: Behavioral Health

Applewood Centers Inc. $68,721
Substance Abuse and Mental Health
This program will utilize licensed, Master’s level social workers and counselors to deliver Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) treatment via the agency’s School-Based Counseling, Outpatient Services and In-Home Family Therapy Treatment programs, to children who have had difficulty accessing these services previously.

Beech Brook/Family Health Program $67,339
Trauma Informed Counseling
Beech Brook’s Trauma-Informed Counseling Services help youth who have observed or survived a traumatic life event, if not a lifetime of adversity. Intervention is family-focused, meaning parental involvement is essential. The program incorporates evidence-based art therapy and trauma-informed yoga to help people heal. Project goals are to reduce symptoms associated with exposure to trauma and to increase the functioning and resiliency of youth.

Care Alliance Health Center $57,101
Medication Assisted Treatment Program
This will expand on Care Alliance’s current Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program for people addicted to heroin or other opioids by providing case management to help patients meet their basic daily needs while the recover from addiction.

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center $80,260
Trauma-Informed Counseling for Survivors of Sexual Violence and Their Families
CRCC provides crisis intervention, trauma-informed therapy and group therapy designed to meet the unique needs of sexual violence victims and their families. Therapeutic interventions reduce PTSD symptoms in sexual assault victims and provide the tools needed to curb self-perpetuating cycles of negative coping mechanisms.

Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center $91,847
Trauma Counseling for Victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
DVCAC provides Trauma-Focused therapy to individuals who have been exposed to, or are victims of, child abuse and/or domestic violence. Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based treatment approach shown to help overcome trauma-related difficulties by addressing distorted beliefs related to the abuse and providing a supportive environment for victims.

Far West Center $91,287
Total Trauma Treatment (Triple T)
The program uses psychoeducational group interventions consisting of weekly two-hour group sessions for persons with mental illness. This program utilizes focused trauma-recovery interventions and an empowerment model to promote healing from trauma and foster self-management addressing life trauma and its consequences.

FrontLine Service $75,532
TF-CBT for Moms and Kids in Crisis
This program uses Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), an evidence based practice, to address the urgent practical and emotional needs of women and children experiencing violent encounters in the home. Treatment disrupts the intergenerational cycle of abuse leading to improved social, academic, and occupational functioning and resilience to stressful events.

Murtis H. Taylor Multi-Service Center $78,599
Outpatient Substance Abuse and Post Treatment Program
This program provides services to individuals who are dually-diagnosed with a mental illness and substance abuse/addiction using the evidence-based, Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment model. The program focuses on symptom management, stress management, interactions of substance abuse and mental illness, relapse triggers and medication compliance.

Neighborhood Family Practice $75,121
Integrated Behavioral Health Program
Funds are used to move the entire agency towards providing trauma-informed care for survivors of neglect and abuse. All staff, regardless of role, will receive the tools they need to respond compassionately and effectively to trauma survivors.

New Directions $68,198
Post-Treatment for Chemically Dependent Adolescents
New Directions provides Recovery Support Services and post treatment check-ups to help youth who have completed a treatment program achieve ongoing success in recovery. This program helps youth and their families in their pursuit of recovery by focusing on social relationships, wellness and coordination among ongoing service providers.

Positive Education Program $90,005
Trauma-Informed Mental Health Programming
This program utilizes several evidence-based curricula and therapeutic models to advance healing for children who are victims of abuse and neglect.

Signature Health/ORCA House $66,500
Outpatient Treatment Services
ORCA outpatient treatment services include an Intensive Outpatient Program and an aftercare program to help participants maintain sobriety. The program provides assessment, individual/group counseling, crises intervention, case management for adults with substance abuse problems. Services address relapse prevention, the impact of trauma upon addiction, healthy relationship building, job retention, and conflict management.

Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio $67,776
Sustained Sobriety Program
VNA will provide Ambulatory Detox services to patients. Nurses will visit people in their homes during their first days trying to quit heroin or other opioids, to provide an efficient and cost-effective way to help people detoxify from these drugs in a safe and compassionate manner.

YMCA of Greater Cleveland $74,701
Rising Hope Recovery Program
Rising Hope housing provides safe sober housing to people in early recovery from addiction. Comprehensive services include a supervised residence with a facility manager, counseling and case management, and life skills staff.

Priority: Chronic Disease Management

Achievement Centers For Children $62,609
Comprehensive Therapy Services
Using a holistic team, therapists develop a treatment plan with the input of the child’s physicians and family and provide comprehensive services to families, combines therapy, education, family support and recreation in a single service plan designed to meet the needs of each family.

American Sickle Cell Anemia Association $20,000
Sickle Cell Interactive Care Management Program
The Sickle Cell Interactive Care Management (SCICM) program provides sickle cell disease consumers, their caregivers and the at-risk-population with broader access to needed social and behavioral community health resources.

Better Health Partnership $64,849
Clinic to Community Linkage
The program will refer adults with uncontrolled hypertension and children with asthma and/or overweight/obesity issues to community resources for healthy eating, active living, and improved asthma control, as well as other needed social services to assist with basic needs.

Care Alliance Health Center $99,045
Chronic Care Coordination Program
Care Alliance and FrontLine Service provide complimentary, integrated physical and behavioral health care for Cleveland’s most disenfranchised, vulnerable residents. Care is provided at health centers, through the new mobile clinic at the permanent supportive housing complexes, and more traditional shelter and street outreach including shelters, drop-in centers and abandoned buildings.

Centers for Families and Children $65,569
Chronic Care Population Health Team
The Chronic Care-Population Health team’s goal is to enhance the primary care team’s ability to manage more complex, chronically ill patients and use the team approach to improve clinical outcomes.

Eliza Bryant Village $57,483
High Risk Seniors Community Program
The High Risk Seniors Community Program helps frail elderly by providing services and programs to support their independence. The program aims to improve quality of life and health outcomes, delay or prevent seniors from being institutionalized, support caregivers and provide health promotions and interventions to assist seniors aging in place.

Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland $47,829
Stay Well
Stay Well provides additional holistic services at food pantries, beyond simply giving food. Services include health screenings; one-on-one wellness coaching to address personal health concerns; medication compliance counseling; assistance enrolling in and navigating Medicaid and SNAP; wellness education on nutrition, healthy cooking, dental health, medication use, and mental health; and referrals to primary care physicians and for dental, vision, and mental health care.

Joseph’s Home $44,629
Medical Respite Care
Medical Respite is short-term residential care that allows homeless individuals the opportunity to rest in a safe environment while accessing medical care and other supportive services after they have had major medical care. This helps significantly reduce over-utilization of hospital emergency rooms, and helps homeless individuals stabilize their medical conditions while assessing barriers to permanent housing.

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry $70,356
Adult Guardianship Services
AGS provides comprehensive guardianship services, including chronic disease care management and access to healthcare, to vulnerable adults (adults with dementia and adults with severe mental illness) in Cuyahoga County. Trained staff and volunteer guardians serve as advocates and surrogate decision-makers.

Magnolia Clubhouse $72,016
Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Magnolia Clubhouse provides clients with serious mental illness and health issues the chance to receive care under one roof. Clients are involved in all levels of managing the house, which provides opportunities to recover from illness through work training, medical care, socialization, and other wellness activities.

Neighborhood Family Practice $45,428
Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles to Prevent Chronic Illness
A Wellness Coordinator assists patients who may be overweight and suffering from chronic disease, such as diabetes, hypertension and depression, in adopting healthy behaviors. This program fills an ongoing need for patients and families at NFP by providing healthy lifestyle counseling, linking to outside resources, and utilizing health promotion interventions to promote physical activity and nutrition.

North Coast Health $63,660
Chronic Illness Management
NCH provides coordinated, patient-centered care to underserved patients with chronic disease. Through this program patients receive care that improves their quality of life and improves or stabilizes their overall health.

Priority: Violence Prevention

Applewood Centers Inc. $43,207
Violence Prevention
Integrates evidence-based psychoeducational groups called Girls Circle and The Council of Boys and Young Men into schools with at-risk youth. These groups teach self-esteem, coping skills for dealing with strong emotions and managing anger, and skills for helping teens build strong social support networks.

Beech Brook/Family Health Program $69,401
Family Drop-In Center
The Family Drop-In Center provides parents with education, support and coordinated care that will assist them with keeping their families healthy, safe and intact. Undergirding all services is an emphasis on safe, non-violent parenting that will reduce incidents and patterns of trauma in children.

Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance $63,927
Hospital-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention
The Cleveland Peacemaker’s Alliance provides trained former gang members named Violence Interrupters to hospital Emergency Departments. The Interrupters work with recent victims of gang violence to prevent retaliation and help provide case management and support for the victim and their families.

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center $68,037
Community-Based Sexual Assault Prevention Education
CRCC prevention programs educate on root causes and costs of sexual violence with the goal to stop sexual violence before it happens, reduce its stigma, and expand community understanding of the issue. With community partners, CRCC reaches multiple at-risk youth through interactive prevention programs geared toward the needs of specific populations.

Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center $77,943
Violence Prevention and Community Education Program
DVCAC’s violence prevention education classes are provided to underserved populations and utilize a prevention/education curriculum to address domestic violence, child abuse, and teen dating violence. Classes are tailored for specific populations including Latina women, African American women, women in treatment/recovery, the prison/re-entry population and youth.

May Dugan Center $54,136
Trauma Recovery Center
The Trauma Recovery Center is an innovative program to help victims of violent crime in the hospital after their victimization. Primary services are immediate crisis management and safety planning and law enforcement advocacy. Other services include trauma-based education and support services, advocacy and stabilization planning, coordination of care, victim compensation, and long-term stabilization assistance.

Neighborhood Leadership Institute $30,743
Parents That Lead
This program runs an evidence-based psychoeducational group using the Reducing Destructive Adolescent Behavior curriculum for parents of incarcerated teens. Participants learn additional parenting skills and ways to help their child reduce recidivism when they are released from jail.

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