Health Impact Partners in Greater Cleveland

We are investing $2,751,971 in health programs to help families and individuals maintain their health by increasing knowledge and access to nutritious food and health care; preventing trauma and addressing the impact violence has on victims; and helping people with disabilities live fulfilling, independent lives.

Priority: Start Healthy

Beech Brook Family Drop-In Center: $49,000
Beech Brook/Family Health Program
The Family Drop-In Center provides parents with education, support, & coordinated care that will assist them with keeping their families healthy, safe & intact. Undergirding all services is an emphasis on safe, non-violent parenting that will reduce incidents and patterns of trauma in children.

Beyond Identities Community Center: $49,000
AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland
Beyond Identities Community Center utilizes the evidence-based, empowerment intervention to reduce HIV/AIDS risk among youth by increasing their condom use, personal risk awareness, and supporting healthy group and community norms around HIV/AIDS through peer-based messaging, events, education and socialization.

Caring for Trauma with Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP): $35,280
Far West Center
The WRAP program is a psychoeducational group intervention consisting of weekly 2- hour group sessions for persons with mental illness. This program utilizes focused trauma-recovery interventions and an empowerment model to promote healing from trauma and foster self-management addressing life trauma and its consequences.

Community-Based Sexual Assault Prevention Education: $68,600
Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
CRCC prevention programs educate on root causes and costs of sexual violence with the goal to stop sexual violence before it happens, reduce its stigma, and expand community understanding of the issue. With community partners, CRCC reaches multiple at-risk youth through interactive prevention programs geared toward the needs of specific populations.

TF-CBT for Moms and Kids in Crisis: $150,000
Frontline Service
This program uses Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), an evidence based practice, to address the urgent practical and emotional needs of women and children experiencing violent encounters in the home. Treatment disrupts the intergenerational cycle of abuse leading to improved social, academic, and occupational functioning and resilience to stressful events.

Trauma-Informed Counseling: $82,320
Beech Brook/Family Health Program
Beech Brook’s Trauma-Informed Counseling Services help youth who have observed or survived a traumatic life event, if not a lifetime of adversity. Intervention is family-focused, meaning parental involvement is essential. Project goals are to reduce symptoms associated with exposure to trauma and to increase the functioning and resiliency of youth.

Trauma-Informed Counseling for Survivors of Sexual Violence and their Families: $132,300
Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
CRCC provides crisis intervention, trauma-informed therapy and group therapy designed to meet the unique needs of sexual violence victims and their families. Therapeutic interventions reduce PTSD symptoms in sexual assault victims and provide the tools needed to curb self-perpetuating cycles of negative coping mechanisms.

Trauma Counseling for Victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse: $98,000
Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center
DVCAC provides Trauma-Focused therapy to individuals who have been exposed to, or are victims of, child abuse and/or domestic violence. Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based treatment approach shown to help overcome trauma-related difficulties by addressing distorted beliefs related to the abuse and providing a supportive environment for victims.

Violence Prevention and Community Education Program: $98,000
Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center
DVCAC’s violence prevention education classes are provided to underserved populations and utilize a prevention/education curriculum to address domestic violence, child abuse, and teen dating violence. Classes are tailored for specific populations including Latina women, African American women, women in treatment/recovery, the prison/re-entry population and youth.

Priority: Stay Healthy

Adult Case Management: $26,950
Epilepsy Association
The Epilepsy Association’s Adult Case Management Program provides person-centered, culturally competent services to low income individuals to facilitate the coordination of care for persons living with epilepsy and a comorbid mental health condition. The program utilizes case managers, who work with consumers to achieve individualized goals, building improved health and resilience.

Adult Guardianship Services: $65,660
Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry
AGS provides comprehensive guardianship services, including chronic disease care management and access to healthcare, to vulnerable adults (adults with dementia and adults with severe mental illness) in Cuyahoga County. Trained staff and volunteer guardians serve as advocates and surrogate decision-makers.

Children’s Services Case Management: $49,000
United Cerebal Palsy Association of Greater Cleveland
The Case Management program provides support, advocacy, education and assistance to families of young clients ages 0 to 21 with disabilities or developmental delays. The program helps clients access the supports necessary to build the skills and confidence to promote their physical, cognitive, language/communication and emotional growth.

Chronic Care Coordination Program: $61,740
Care Alliance Health Center
Care Alliance’s Chronic Care Coordination Program is dedicated to supporting chronically ill patients in managing their illness and appropriately utilizing primary health care. To improve patient health and quality of life, Care Alliance provides wrap around, comprehensive services beyond the traditional primary care visit connecting patients to needed resources.

Chronic Illness Management: $66,640
North Coast Health
NCH provides coordinated, patient-centered care to underserved patients with chronic disease. Through this program patients receive care that improves their quality of life and improves or stabilizes their overall health.

Emergency Insulin Program: $20,870
Kidney Foundation of Ohio, Inc.
The Emergency Insulin program provides access to insulin for individuals with diabetes who have run out of their medication and are unable to access another supply. In addition, this program links such clients to long-term access solutions preventing another emergency situation.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program for Women: $43,120
Women’s Recovery Center
The Women’s Recovery Center provides Intensive Outpatient Treatment, a client-centered program providing individualized services for women recovering from substance abuse issues and their families. The program utilizes a variety of intervention strategies including: education, motivational interviewing, strength-based approach, reality therapy, CBT, family therapy and the 12-step approach.

High Risk Seniors Community Program: $45,080
Eliza Bryant Village
The High Risk Seniors Community Program helps frail elderly by providing services and programs to support their independence. The program aims to improve quality of life and health outcomes, delay or prevent seniors from being institutionalized, support caregivers and provide health promotions and interventions to assist seniors “aging in place”.

ORCA House Outpatient Treatment Services: $78,400
ORCA House, Inc.
ORCA outpatient treatment services include an Intensive Outpatient Program and an aftercare program to help participants maintain sobriety. The program provides assessment, individual/group counseling, crises intervention, case management for adults with substance abuse problems. Services address relapse prevention, the impact of trauma upon addiction, healthy relationship building, job retention, and conflict management.

Out Patient Substance Abuse and Post Treatment Program $142,100
Murtis H. Taylor Human Services Center
This program provides services to individuals who are dually-diagnosed with a mental illness and substance abuse/addiction using the evidence-based, Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment model. The program focuses on symptom management, stress management, interactions of substance abuse and mental illness, relapse triggers and medication compliance.

Post-Treatment for Chemically Dependent Adolescents: $56,840
New Directions, Inc
New Directions provides Recovery Support Services and post treatment check-ups to help youth who have completed a treatment program achieve ongoing success in recovery. This program helps youth and their families in their pursuit of recovery by focusing on social relationships, wellness and coordination among ongoing service providers.

Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles to Prevent Chronic Illness: $46,550
Neighborhood Family Practice
A Wellness Coordinator assists patients who may be overweight and suffering from chronic disease, such as diabetes, hypertension and depression, in adopting healthy behaviors. This program fills an ongoing need for patients and families at NFP by providing healthy lifestyle counseling, linking to outside resources, and utilizing health promotion interventions to promote physical activity and nutrition.

RISE (Realizing Internal Strength and Energy): $26,460
Lutheran Family Services
The RISE program serves youth and adults who are at risk for or are experiencing mental, emotional and behavioral health issues utilizing a Positive Psychology/Strength Based Practice. RISE will helps individuals develop skill-building, strength-building, and self-regulation tools to prevent and overcome mental health issues.

Specialized Therapy: $49,000
Achievement Centers for Children
Using a holistic team, therapists develop a treatment plan with the input of the child’s physicians and family and provide comprehensive services to families, combines therapy, education, family support and recreation in a single service plan designed to meet the needs of each family.

Women’s Re-Entry Network’s Case Management to Support Recovery: $44,100
Community Re-Entry, Inc
Women’s Re-Entry Network provides free, intensive case management and therapeutic services to women with a substance abuse diagnosis who are uninsured or under-insured. Case Management Services assist in linking participants with treatment, navigating through the recovery process, developing a relapse prevention plan, addressing underlying causes of substance abuse and linking to community resources.

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning): Achieving Recovery Through Wellness: $40,180
Far West Center
The WRAP program is a psychoeducational group intervention for persons with mental illness open to individuals receiving treatment services at FWC or other mental health providers. WRAP fosters hope, personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, education and support systems.

Priority: Support Strong Systems

Integrated Primary and Behavioral Homeless Health Outreach: $208,009
Care Alliance Health Center
Care Alliance and FrontLine Service provide complimentary, integrated physical and behavioral health care for Cleveland’s most disenfranchised, vulnerable residents. Care is provided at health centers, through the new mobile clinic at the permanent supportive housing complexes, and more traditional shelter and street outreach including shelters, drop-in centers and abandoned buildings.

Patient Centered Care: $49,000
Beech Brook/Family Health Program
Beech Brook and Care Alliance, have developed a trans-disciplinary, co-located integrated care clinic designed to serve children and their caregivers in the Central Community. The Patient Centered Care program promotes healthy child development through integrated physical and behavioral health as well as public health outreach and education.

Patient Centered Care Program: $60,025
Recovery Resources
Recovery Resources Patient Centered Care Program integrates physical and behavioral healthcare to provide holistic, client-centered treatment. This program expands access to primary health care for Recovery Resources clients by using nurses to provide supportive primary healthcare services onsite and allowing collaboration with behavioral health providers

Patient Centered Care for Adults with Mental Health Needs $38,220
Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio
VNA provides comprehensive home based services to individuals with severe, persistent mental illnesses including assessment, medication management, symptom stabilization and management of mental and physical co-morbidities. Psychiatric nurses, social workers and psychiatrists function as interdisciplinary teams.

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