Income Impact Partners in Greater Cleveland

We are investing $5,209,984 in income to help helping families and individuals find their way out of poverty and achieve financial stability by securing meaningful work to increase their earnings, manage the money they earn and ultimately save it.

Priority: Basic Needs – Housing

2100 Lakeside Emergency Men’s Shelter: $60,834
Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry
The key link to partners providing permanent supportive housing, transitional housing, treatment, housing vouchers, and apartment searches. Men who are homeless receive services appropriate to their needs to assist them in finding or returning to safe, affordable housing as soon as possible.

Central Intake System: $81,423
Frontline Service
At the core of the Progressive Engagement strategy, Central Intake System works closely with 2100 Lakeside Men’s shelter and Norma Herr Women’s Center shelter to assess every person and family seeking shelter. They determine if an immediate intervention might prevent the episode of homelessness. If a shelter stay cannot be prevented, ongoing services address the current housing crisis and quickly get the family or individual in shelter and back to permanent housing.

CTI – Bridges To Housing $74,872
Frontline Service
Staff engages participants through outreach efforts on the street, under bridges, at meal sites, agencies, and emergency shelters to help transition participants into safe, permanent supportive housing. Throughout the program mental and physical health conditions are addressed to ensure the highest level of self-sufficiency.

Emergency Shelter: $72,064
Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center
A 24-hour shelter for victims of domestic violence in need of immediate safety and respite. The center also provides opportunities to increase self-determination by building independent living skills and access to resources that can provide alternatives to living with domestic violence.

Foreclosure Prevention for At-Risk Homeowners: $53,346
Cleveland Housing Network
Helps families avoid foreclosure and achieve financial stability. Through counseling sessions CHN is able to quickly address immediate issues that threaten eviction. Then financial assistance is obtained to catch up on the mortgage while also achieving an affordable monthly payment. Most importantly, the underlying issues that caused the crisis is addressed to prevent a reoccurring crisis

Homeless Assistance Capacity Building Program: $41,180
AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland
Assists individuals with AIDS/HIV in obtaining and maintaining safe, affordable housing, and works with the community in creating new housing sources. Also provides education and training for tenants and landlords regarding rental rights, advocacy for housing rights for folks with AIDS/HIV and link individuals to housing programs.

Homeless Prevention Program – Housing Stabilization Services: $69, 257
Emerald Development & Economic Network, Inc
Expanding its housing stabilization efforts by combining housing locations and retention specialist activities into a single seamless function to better help people locate, secure, and maintain housing, and connect to services and supports to prevent future problems. Using time-focused supports to achieve their goals allows clients a framework to learn the skills needed without losing support through the process.

Housing First Initiative: $53,346
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc
Through providing over 500 units of housing without requiring pre-determined clinical goals, the initiative has reduced the chronically homeless by 65%. Acting as the backbone organization in the initiative, Enterprise Community Partners will lead the plan to create more units, develop a plan to expand a program focused on chronically homeless families and young adults, and provide access to health care through a mobile health clinic.

Housing for Homeless Veterans: $20,122
Community Service Alliance
Through Fulton House, clients are provided an organized approach to address veteran’s housing, work experience, and personal and behavioral needs, and work in partnership with the Veterans Administration to connect with additional supportive services. Veterans learn how to find and sustain employment, repair and maintain credit, address legal and medical issues that have created barriers to self-sufficiency.

Housing Stability for Homeless Families: $65,513
Family Promise of Greater Cleveland
Serves families of any configuration (Mothers or Fathers with children, Couples with children, Grandparents with children) confronting homelessness. Employing progressive engagement to develop an individualized housing plan and secure permanent, sustainable housing while assisting with immediate the needs of food, childcare, identification, and benefits.

PASS Transitional Housing Programs: $23,398
Salvation Army
Focuses on helping disenfranchised Cleveland men secure stable employment and permanent housing. Designed to holistically treat the clients, breaking down the barriers preventing successful independent lifestyles. Providing experienced case managers and Life Skills Coordinator to develop and deliver on individualized action plans through real world working experience.

Permanent Supportive Housing: $37, 436
Front Steps Housing and Services
Provides housing support with services to offer a path to prevent and reduce recurrent homelessness and achieve self-sufficiency. Combining Housing First standards, Harm Reduction, and Critical Time Intervention philosophies. This combines to provide people the safe housing and support needed to reach their goals.

Providence House Crisis Intervention and Family Preservation Program for Homeless Families: $93,590
Providence House Inc.
At Providence House, children find shelter, safety, and comfort in a home-like setting while we work with partner community organizations to stabilize family crisis, improve parenting skills, and preserve the family. A range of case management and supportive services are offered to families including six months of aftercare.

Transition-in-Place-Housing: $70,193
University Settlement, Inc
Serving homeless families in Cleveland by addressing the barriers that caused the families to become homeless. Using the Critical Time Intervention approach and working with local landlords and families with children to assess and create an individualized plan. Specialist meet weekly with the family to ensure new barriers are addressed and the family reaches their goals.

West Side Catholic Center Women and Children’s Shelter: $46,795
West Side Catholic Center
Working with single women and women with children, the shelter’s goal is for clients to obtain self-sufficiency and move into permanent housing. By adhering to rapid re-housing objectives, stays are kept to less than two months while case management helps with linkages to employment and other needed services.

YWCA – Independence Place Competencies: $24, 333
YWCA of Greater Cleveland
Provides permanent supportive housing for transition age, formerly homeless youth, many of whom have aged out of the foster care system, and youth who are parenting. Voluntary services are offered through the Nurturing Independence and Aspirations (NIA) program that are vital in guiding vulnerable young adults in addressing their unique challenges.

Priority: Earn It

Education First: $43,987
Project Learn
Education First is a GED and job placement program that provides both educational and support services to individuals. It is currently working with people on public assistance, the formerly incarcerated, and inmates within the Cuyahoga County Jail.

El Barrio – Access to Employment/We Work here: $104,821
The Centers for Families and Children
Provides a six-week essential skills training program, offered in Spanish or English, aimed at eliminating employment barriers including literacy/language skills, assistance with resume writing, job search and placement, pre employment soft skills, (work dress, punctuality, etc) and computer skills.

Employment for Economic Advancement: $36,500
International Services Center of Cleveland
Provides newly arrived refugees with the tools required to find jobs in the United States. Our Employment Development Specialist works with both job seekers and employers to make appropriate and long lasting placements that help refugees rebuild their lives, and address the staffing needs of local businesses.

Employment for Individuals with Disabilities: $78,616
United Cerebal Palsy Association of Greater Cleveland
Assist consumers in learning and practicing work skills in supportive work setting while earning a paycheck through training on assistive technology, computer software training and other adaptive equipment, facility and community-based situational assessment and clerical and computer training. Also provides assistances with job search and placement and provide job coaching.

Employment Services: $191,316
Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry
Provides a full spectrum of services for teens who are at-risk, previously incarcerated individuals and people experiencing homelessness. These services include case management, job readiness, hard skills training and job placement with retention services. A focus on certifications in STNA, building trades, and culinary arts ServSafe through the Social Enterprise’s Central Kitchen.

Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities: $54, 282
Linking Employment, Abilities & Potential
LEAP believes that individuals with disabilities have the right to apply their strengths, talents, and interests to purposeful and meaningful employment. Employment Services provides a flexible blend of strategies, services, and supports designed to increase employment options for job seekers with complex needs so they can succeed in the work world.

Employment Services for Reentry Population: $141,321
Towards Employment, Inc
People reentering the community have unique needs that require that we look at the whole person and their individual situation and challenges. Our programs and our community partnerships allow us to respond and to move them along specific steps on a pathway to employment. Our holistic approach has resulted in thousands of successful full-time job placements and high rates of job retention.

GED “RISE”: $43,987
Spanish American Committee for a Better Community
The Spanish language adult GED Rise program is a multifaceted adult educational program that assists students in order to prepare them for the State of Ohio GED examinations. Our service also includes academic, social, cultural understanding, and economic advancement through a diploma that enables a college education, other training or employment opportunities.

NewBridge Adult Program $68,267
Cleveland Center for Arts & Technology
NewBridge prepares adults for good-paying jobs as phlebotomists or pharmacy technicians that include health insurance and opportunities for advancement. The program is based on Manchester Bidwell in Pittsburgh and coursework was developed in association with the area’s largest health care employers. Graduates are ready to work in as little as 30 weeks.

Newcomer Family Support Center Employment Services: $58,996
Asian Services in Action, Inc
This program provides newly-arriving, low-income AAPIs (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) in greater Cleveland with linguistically and culturally accessible family assistance. Families are assisted with employment-specific services, which train for and link clients to job opportunities. Ongoing support is provided as necessary for individuals to be gainfully employed and self-sufficient.

Seeds of Literacy: $43,987
Seeds of Literacy
An adult literacy program providing basic education and GED preparation free of charge to people in the Cleveland, Ohio area. A unique curriculum and one-on-one tutoring offer maximum learning by building relationships of trust between the student and the tutor. We bring people of diverse race and ethnic backgrounds together to help break a root cause of poverty – illiteracy.

Vocational Rehabilitation Training, Placement: $173,142
Vocational Guidance Services
Helps Cuyahoga County residents challenged by disabilities reduce their employment obstacles, gain the competences they need to achieve their employment goal, and gain greater self-sufficiency. Each service starts with the development of an Individual Service Plan that identifies each individual’s goals, measurable objectives, and strategy steps, and expected outcomes.

Welcome Fairfax: $68,321
Fairfax Renaissance Development Corp.
Developed through a collaborative process with the Cleveland Clinic, the program creates an employment path resulting in greater access to targeted entry level jobs and provides training and supportive services that lead to sustained employment. Participants engage in financial literacy and computer training, resume preparation and interview skills, along with educational sessions with Cleveland Clinic hiring managers and job recruiters.

Workforce Services: $36,500
United Labor Agency
The program targets dislocated workers, and assist them in finding employment. The staff assesses jobseekers current skills and develops an Individual Employment Plan (IEP). The approach is based on the needs of the jobseeker with the sole goal of obtaining employment either through direct referral to an open position or a more intense intervention through training.

Priority: Keep It

Access to Justice through Mediation Project: $46,795
Cleveland Mediation Center
Using mediation so that low-income clients can resolve their legal issues without going to court. Addressing issues of landlord-tenant disputes, neighborhood disputes, and family disputes, avoids clients going to small claims court or civil court that can lead to indebtedness that could be avoided through mediation services.

Legal Services to Ensure Income and Economic Stability: $151,704
Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
Legal Aid works to remove barriers to housing and financial security and improve financial stability by providing direct legal services to low-income people in the Cleveland area. Working with key community partners and agencies, clients are referred to Legal Aid for services. Working at a regional level, Legal Aid engages in policy development and advocacy to improve financial stability for our communities.

Priority: Save It

Cuyahoga EITC Coalition: $121,667
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc
Provides consumers quality, free tax preparation at forty locations around the county. Consumers also have access to additional financial programs such as being removed from the Chex System, housing and foreclosure prevention and an opportunity to meet with a volunteer certified financial planner.

Family Success – Financial Empowerment through Long-Term Engagement: $116,988
Cleveland Housing Network
Expanding on CHN’s Family Success program, this funding allows them to engage in-depth with certain families from 1-5 years. While continuing financial education and counseling the in-depth engagement will allow for significantly deeper impacts to be achieved. These will lead to improved credit scores, less debt, more savings, on-time rent, and better debt-to-income ratios.

Homeownership Center and Consumer Law Center: $84,231
Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland Inc
Provides housing, financial, and consumer affairs counseling to northeast Ohio residents. The homeownership Center provides high-quality, HUD certified, and nationally recognized education and training for potential homebuyers. The Consumer Law Center uses educational materials, seminars, practical advice, blogs, and public awareness campaigns to reach consumers about fringe financial banking issues.

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