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Community Outreach in Greater Cleveland, OH

Our Work: An Overview of What UW Does

It takes a community to create lasting, generational change. And that’s what United Way’s mission is all about. With your help, we’re working to give our kids a good education, starting before kindergarten and lasting beyond high school graduation. We’re providing people with the most basic necessities … food, shelter and transportation. We’re helping people train for and find good-paying jobs to lift them out of poverty. And we’re working hard to tackle the problems of violence, poor health and substance abuse.

To do this, we have invested more than $8.7 million into only the most promising organizations across the northeast Ohio region that provide quality support in our four impact areas: education, financial stability, health and basic needs. We’ve also invested more than $21 million in key initiatives including the CMSD wraparound strategy, 2-1-1, donor-directed funds and federated organizations.

With more than 104 years of experience, United Way of Greater Cleveland invests in solutions that work, and we bring together public, private and nonprofit partners across the region to tackle problems as a team. We know we can drive greater impact through collaboration. We know that together, we’re greater. We invite you to learn more about our work.


We Help With Education, Health, Basic Needs and Financial Stability

Just a few of our results during the past twelve months:

  • More than 577,000 meals were served.
  • 4,516 people received emergency shelter services.
  • 3,285 people accessed medications and/or medical supplies through assistance programs.
  • 63 childcare centers are rated as 4 or 5 stars through Step Up to Quality – 5 stars is the highest rating.
  • 742 childcare center staff members received professional development training.
  • 4,148 people were served by workforce readiness programs.
  • Of the people who obtained a job, 69 percent retained that job for 90 days.
  • 148 people served by legal and mediation programs avoided having their homes foreclosed.
  • 427 people receiving substance abuse treatment reported that they maintained sobriety (77 percent).
  • 473 people received trauma counseling services, and 78 percent reported a reduction in trauma symptoms.
  • 1,701 people served by Chronic Disease Management programs had an improved quality of life

Volunteer Today

We urge you to become involved and help your community. Please volunteer your services. Becoming a volunteer will not only help others and make a difference, it can greatly impact your life as you reach out to others. Sign up and register today.


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