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Community Outreach in Greater Cleveland, OH

Our Work: An Overview of What UW Does

For more than 100 years, United Way of Greater Cleveland has been committed to addressing the effects of poverty throughout our community and working to create positive change. Through the work of our 128 funded programs and the generosity of our community, United Way assists families and individuals with health and financial stability; ensures our children are well educated and on the road to success; and helps those carrying unimaginable burdens to become safe and secure with the resources they need to help them achieve self-sufficiency.

With more than 100 years of experience, United Way of Greater Cleveland invests in solutions that work, and we bring together public, private and nonprofit partners across the region to tackle problems as a team. We know we can drive greater impact through collaboration. We know that together, we’re greater. We invite you to learn more about our work.

We Help With Education, Health, Basic Needs, and Income

United Way of Greater Cleveland accompanies our kids all along the way. United Way makes sure our kids are ready to learn in preschool, reading on grade level in elementary school and prepared to graduate high school and participate in a prosperous life in our community. United Way is on the front line helping our kids every day.

Our results during the past twelve months:

  • 32 child care centers improved their Step Up to Quality Star Rating.
  • 1486 preschool children were assessed for social and emotional risk factors; 279 were referred for social services (19%).
  • 323 preschool children were able to remain in school.
  • 924 students were served with seventh grade level reading programs.
  • 904 students were reading at or progressed towards reading at grade level (98%).
  • 699 high school students identified an adult mentor in the plans for their educational futures.

Volunteer Today

We urge you to become involved and help your community. Please volunteer your services. Becoming a volunteer will not only help others and make a difference, it can greatly impact your life as you reach out to others. Sign up and register today.



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