Improving Education

At United Way of Greater Cleveland, improving education in the area is one of our primary goals. From school preparedness through high school graduation, we are here as advocates for children that are trying to escape the cycle of poverty.

Importance of Education

A high school diploma is a journey beginning when a child is born. United Way of Greater Cleveland accompanies our kids all along the way. United Way makes sure our kids are ready to learn in preschool, reading on grade level in elementary school, and prepared to graduate high school and participate in a prosperous life in our community. United Way is on the front line helping our kids every day. By investing in education, United Way not only changes the life of a child today, but changes outcomes for the community in the decades to come. Investments to support the community’s next generation will include:

  • Kindergarten Readiness – Programs increasing the quality of local early education providers through the State of Ohio’s Step Up to Quality program and enhancing the knowledge and skills of childcare providers.
  • Grade Level Reading – Programs working with students in Kindergarten to Third Grade to prepare for and pass the Third Grade Reading examination for successful promotion to Fourth Grade.
  • After School and Mentoring – Programs providing out-of-school activities that build positive relationships, confidence, academic and leadership skills.

United Way’s Part in Helping

Our results during the past twelve months:

  •  63 childcare centers are rated as 4 or 5 stars through Step Up to Quality – 5 stars is the highest rating.
  • 742 childcare center staff members received professional development training.
  • 1,351 preschool children were assessed for social and emotional risk factors; 434 were referred for social services.
  • 1,338 preschool children were able to remain in school without suspensions (99 percent).
  • 835 elementary school students showed improved social and emotional skills.
  • 1,291 elementary school students were able to remain in school without suspensions (91 percent).
  • 482 students were reading at or progressed toward reading at grade level.
  • 665 high school students are on track to graduate on time (81 percent).

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Mr. Bailey and Fullerton’s Success

Being a role model is the most powerful form of education.

Larry Bailey is a disabled veteran who can testify to the impact of our CMSD Wraparound program. Mr. Bailey says parents are more engaged and students are thriving -- and the numbers back up his observations!



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