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Health Advocacy for Families in Greater Cleveland, OH

At United Way of Greater Cleveland, we strive to provide resources for health care for impoverished families. By supplying families with knowledge and services, it’s our goal to offer these individuals a better, healthier life.

Importance on Health Focus

For the poverty-stricken in the Cleveland area, healthy options aren’t always available or financially in reach. We want to not only help meet these individuals’ most basic needs, but we also improve their quality of life. Our services focus strongly on health and nutrition.

How We Encourage Health

United Way of Greater Cleveland helps families and individuals maintain their health by increasing knowledge and access to nutritious food and health care. United Way is also working to prevent trauma and address the impact violence has on victims while helping people with disabilities live fulfilling, independent lives. Prevention is the foundation of our strategies. Being proactive now provides lifelong benefits for Greater Cleveland.

Our results during the past twelve months:

  • 4,641 people accessed medications and medical supplies through assistance programs
  • More than $6 million for prescription medication and medical supplies was leveraged through the use of United Way dollars
  • 1,822 people in patient-centered care programs received integrated primary care in the places they live and through behavioral health centers
  • 190 people receiving substance abuse treatment reported that they maintained sobriety (61%)
  • 115 people receiving mental health services reported a decrease in frequency/intensity of symptoms (98%)
  • 283 people received trauma counseling services, and 78% reported a reduction in trauma symptoms
  • 5,640 people learned how to recognize the signs of abuse and neglect and how to respond appropriately

Become an advocate for the impoverished today.

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Increasing access to trauma counseling

Helping individuals past the effects of trauma that echo long after bruises have healed and bones have mended.

Police in Cleveland see dozen of children each day who need immediate and long-term trauma counseling. United Way funded programs at Frontline ensure these kids get the help they need -- and offer help for family members, too.

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