Improving Health

At United Way of Greater Cleveland, we strive to provide resources for health care for impoverished families. By supplying families with knowledge and services, it’s our goal to offer these individuals a better, healthier life.

Importance of the Health Focus

Health remains both a goal in and of itself and a means to multiple ends (e.g., employment, successful education) for all people during their lifetimes. When promoting health, this can be thought of in two different ways: 1) the health of the individual and 2) the health of the community. The health of the individual is typically maintained through programs and services like those offered in hospitals and outpatient settings. The health of the community is maintained through the promotion of quality services ensuring safe environments free from violence. Supporting Health ensures people and their families live well. Investments to support the health of our community will include:

  • Violence Prevention – Programs educating the community on how to stop sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence before they start.
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment – Programs helping those who have addiction and mental health issues recover and thrive. A special focus will be placed on helping people who have survived trauma overcome their traumatic experiences.
  • Chronic Disease Management – Programs helping clients live their best lives while managing long-term illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension.

Our results during the past twelve months:

  • 2,025 people in patient-centered care programs received integrated primary care in the places they live and through behavioral health centers.
  • 427 people receiving substance abuse treatment reported that they maintained sobriety (77 percent).
  • 118 people receiving mental health services reported a decrease in frequency/intensity of symptoms (94 percent).
  • 473 people received trauma counseling services, and 78% reported a reduction in trauma symptoms.
  • 6,504 people learned how to recognize the signs of abuse and neglect and how to respond appropriately.
  • 1,701 people served by Chronic Disease Management programs had an improved quality of life.

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Increasing access to trauma counseling

Helping individuals past the effects of trauma that echo long after bruises have healed and bones have mended.

Police in Cleveland see dozen of children each day who need immediate and long-term trauma counseling. United Way funded programs at Frontline ensure these kids get the help they need -- and offer help for family members, too.

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