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Greater Cleveland’s children need your help.

Good health starts with a good meal.

At United Way of Greater Cleveland, we don’t just see people for who they are; we see them for who they can become. We see the potential for success in kids who struggle with hunger every day. With your help, our food programs ensure thousands of Cleveland-area children get a healthy start to their day. Kids should have hungry minds, not hungry tummies. Teachers are seeing kids’ grades improve. And kids are blossoming in ways they never imagined.

United Way Cleveland Health Strategies
United Way Cleveland Health Strategies
United Way Cleveland Health Strategies

We'd love to keep you informed of our work and let you know about opportunities to join with thousands of other Greater Cleveland donors who are helping to make change.


Learn how your gift is helping local kids become healthier.

Helping individuals lead healthy lifestyles focused on prevention and wellness.

A lack of access to healthy food is contributing to a 24-year life expectancy discrepancy in neighboring Cleveland communities. A junior nutrition program, Cornucopia, in the Kinsman neighborhood is working to change that.

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