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United Way at Work to Graduate our Kids

img_ow_ss_graduationDavontae Banks is defying the odds. Instead of failing or dropping out of high school due to poor attendance and academic performance, he is beginning his senior year with improved grades and college credits earned during summer classes at Baldwin Wallace University.

The principal at Davontae’s school saw past his poor 9th grade report card, and knew he missed school because he was taking care of younger siblings. He also saw Davontae’s potential and recommended he participate in the United Way funded BW Scholars program which identifies and helps young men at risk for not graduating high school.

Davontae and his mother committed to the four-year program, with Davontae participating in out-of-school assignments, study tables after school and a residential academy each summer at Baldwin Wallace. After just two years in the program, Davontae passed all five Ohio Graduation Tests the first time he took them. This year, he’ll graduate from high school. Next year he’ll begin living his dream of going to college.

You can help others just like Davontae. Please give today.

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