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United Way Helps Kids Succeed in School

img_ow_ss_successA working mom, Zuhail Nieves-Rivera’s three youngest kids have big goals. Nayeliz, 12, dreams of becoming an oncologist; Nalani, 9, a teacher; and Hector, 7, a fireman. But all three were struggling with math and reading and needed a supportive environment to help them while mom worked.

That’s when she discovered the array of services available at West Side Boys and Girls Club, right in the neighborhood where she grew up.

Now, her three youngest children spend time each day after school and during summer vacation in an early literacy program, SPARK, funded by United Way at West Side Boys and Girls Club and in 15 additional clubs throughout the county.

Since joining the program, Nayeliz, Nalani and Hector have made huge improvements in their grades in math and reading and developed better study habits – sure to help them as they pursue their career goals as well as making their entire academic journey more successful and rewarding.

You can help others just like Zuhail. Please give today.

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