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United Way Helps People Work

img_ow_ss_earnitOne of the biggest challenges people who are returning to the community following incarceration face is finding a job. Walter Pryor was no exception.

He’d served his time and was ready to begin again as a productive member of our community, but he needed some help finding work. That’s when he found the culinary training program funded by United Way at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry. He had always loved to cook so he jumped at the opportunity to receive training and advance his cooking skills. Walter, and others like him, learn by preparing meals that are delivered to area homeless shelters. Graduates of the program get help finding jobs in the hospitality business.

A top student, Walter was offered a job running the café at the Ministry’s headquarters. His creative daily menu specials have helped increase overall sales, money directed back into the program. And best of all, with a little help, Walter learned to put his skills and talent into doing meaningful work.

You can help others just like Walter. Please give today.

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