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United Way Helps Reduce Sexual Violence

img_ow_ss_starthealthyIt’s possible you know someone who is a victim of sexual violence. The problem thrives in secrecy. But United Way and the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center are working to end the silence so victims can get the help they need. One way is through the Youth 360 program where young people learn to become community activists on sexual violence issues. And they are encouraged to share their knowledge in their circles, spreading the word throughout our community.

Gabe Baznik is a Youth 360 leader. Three years in the program gave him an increased awareness of sexual violence and how to address or avoid it, which he shares with his peers. And there are additional benefits he didn’t expect: he gained a sense of belonging to a supportive network, greater confidence in his own abilities and a desire to make the world a better place.

Gabe is headed to college armed with the training to identify sexual violence and the self-
confidence to do something about it. “I hope I never have to use the skills I’ve learned, but if I can help even one person, I will make a difference,” he said.

You can help others just like Gabe. Please give today.

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