FrontLine Service

Housing Stability


FrontLine Service’s mission is to reach out to adults and children in Northeast Ohio to end homelessness, prevent suicide, resolve behavioral health crises, and overcome trauma.

Program Description: Services to Prevent and Alleviate Homelessness Among LGBTQ+ Adults

National research suggests that up to 40% of those who are homeless identify as LBGTQ+. FrontLine Service is committed to the preventing homelessness and poverty experienced by LGBTQ+ adults, at every stage of risk.

FrontLine Service will collaborate with community partners, such as the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland, to identify and support those who are at risk of becoming homeless.  For those who are currently homeless and seeking shelter, specialized staff will provide mediation and support in returning to stable housing.  And for young adults in shelter, FrontLine will provide therapeutic services to strengthen their natural supports so that they can leave the shelter and move into housing with the services they need to prevent a return to homelessness.

FrontLine Service Executive Director Susan Neth speaks about the critical work with LGBTQ+ adults and the goals for its program.

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