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Housing Stability


Journey Center for Safety and Healing’s mission is to provide services that foster safety and healing for those affected by child abuse and domestic violence and work to prevent abuse through education, advocacy, and systemic change.

Program Description: Domestic Violence Housing First

Living in a home with domestic violence is traumatic for children and can lead to a range of serious long-term consequences. Children confronted with violence at home suffer physically, emotionally, and academically.

Journey’s Domestic Violence Housing First Initiative will quickly connect domestic violence victims to stable housing.  Gaining self-sufficiency away from an abuser has tremendous ripple effects throughout the survivor’s family and community. Children are no longer exposed to abuse, survivors are less like to lose their job, and the generational cycle of violence and poverty is more likely to end.

Domestic Violence Housing First addresses the root causes of abuse and poverty by helping survivors achieve healing and self-sufficiency, not just short-term relief. In addition, the program promotes equitable access to housing resources and provides housing education and advocacy for landlords and survivors.

Journey Center for Safety and Healing CEO Melissa Graves speaks about the Domestic Violence Housing First Initiative and its goals for our community.

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