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The mission of Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers is to promote long-term recovery from addiction through education, prevention, and treatment regardless of someone’s ability to pay.

Program Description: Geauga County Mental Health Collaborative

Behavioral health partners in Geauga County have coordinated their efforts to form the Geauga County Mental Health Collaborative. Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers will lead this collaborative, which will work with individuals and families who do not make a living wage and face significant financial hardships to accessing mental health care.

The collaborative will build awareness of the importance of emotional wellness and provide timely access to treatment and support services to people who have been impacted by substance abuse, mental health, and family violence.

By coordinating resources, connecting services, and providing financial assistance, the collaborative will help individuals receive the treatment, support, and wraparound services that are critical to improving mental health.

These life-changing services will enable individuals to meet their personal goals in terms of meaningful work, education, and healthy relationships while working toward self-sufficiency.

Melanie Blasko, president and CEO of Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, speaks about the Geauga County Mental Health Collaborative and its goals in Geauga County.

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