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The mission of Lexington-Bell Community Center is to strengthen, advocate, and empower the community through the delivery of quality social, educational, and recreational services with an emphasis on families and children. 

Program Description: Bridge to Two

Bridge to Two’s innovative approach to early education preparedness helps parents, family members, and home‐based caregivers provide quality learning experiences for children from their earliest days.

Trained specialists provide home visits to support parents and caregivers in creating a positive home environment. Using the evidence-based Partners for Healthy Babies curriculum, the specialists share books and educational toys to help build healthy child development.

Lexington-Bell specialists are trained in the PICCOLO assessment – Parenting Interactions with Children:  Checklist of Observations Linked to Outcomes. PICCOLO assessment results help parents and caregivers identify their strongest skills and guide the choices of appropriate educational resources and activities. PICCOLO assessments also helps caregivers ensure that they are displaying responsiveness, affection, encouragement, and teaching during their interactions with children in their care.

In addition to home visits, Lexington-Bell Community Center secures the use of community rooms in apartment complexes. These spaces are used for playrooms and parent support groups.

Bridge to Two combats poverty by closing the learning gap and ensuring that the home‐based care young children receive prepares them for success throughout their lives.

Lu Anne Peters, executive director of Lexington-Bell Community Center, speaks about Bridge to Two and Lexington-Bell’s other important work in our community.

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